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Synthetic Turf For Water Play Areas & Pool Surroundings

Everyone loves all the fun that comes with waterparks, splash pads, pools, and any other water activities. However, the maintenance and safety measures you have to take to maintain these areas can be quite a chore. It’s a known fact that pool or waterpark surroundings may be dangerous. The surfaces are frequently warm and, worse still, slick after rain. U.S. Artificial Grass can withstand the water without compromising appearance and most importantly, no flooding. The best part is, artificial turf requires relatively minimal upkeep over the course of several years.

Natural Looking & Rapid Draining

Every square inch of your artificial turf that surrounds your water play areas will have excellent drainage thanks to our multipurpose backing and exceptional installation process. Our design improves safety while requiring less upkeep along with several other benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Durability
  • Safety
  • Rapid Draining
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Seamless Installation With Surrounding Areas
  • Beautiful Appeal

  • Water Conserving

Environmentally Friendly, saves you time and money but most importantly... safe for kids!

artificial grass for water play

Running, leaping, skipping, tumbling, and other activities abound in water regions. A soft, stable surface is necessary for each of these activities in order to reduce the risk of harm. Due to the additional cushioning that is incorporated into the backing of our synthetic turf, it increases the safety and durability of our turf. By absorbing collisions with the grass surface, this cushioning helps keep kids safer while they play.

Let us transform your water play area to not only improve the appearance but also create a safer place for kids.

Let's get started!

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