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Synthetic Turf for Your Tennis Courts

Tennis is a beautiful sport enjoyed by many in different parts of the world, and different considerations are taken in order to ensure that the tennis field is suitable for a tennis match. Interestingly, synthetic turf tennis courts have begun to gain popularity in different parts of the world, at recreational facilities, athletic fields, and even for homeowners who want to play the sport within the comfort of their homes. One reason why synthetic turfs seem to be phasing out the natural turf is the fact that they are easier to maintain and care for.

The convenience that comes from using the synthetic turf for tennis fields is just one of different benefits that come with the turf. Another reason why people are making synthetic turf a favorite is because it enhances the movement and game play of the tennis players, especially because the turf is even and thus improves the bounce of the tennis ball.

Advantages of Artificial Turf Athletic Fields

At US Artificial Grass, delivering excellent services is our priority, and that is why we have synthetic turf for tennis fields that are made according to the best standards. Our synthetic turfs are created to look as natural as possible. It may interest you to know that our synthetic turf for tennis fields come with different advantages, including:

  • Surface Consistency

One of the flaws of natural turfs is the differential in thickness or pile height, as well as the texture inconsistency. These flaws are absent in synthetic turfs, because the surface and texture need to be uniform in order to reduce the risks of injuries, among other irregularities.

  • Durability

A lot of movement happens on a tennis court, and the area of concentration of movement on a natural could get worn after a short while. Synthetic turfs are durable and because there is no slipping of the sod, the artificial grass stays intact for a very long while.

  • No Smeared Lines

It is imperative that the lines and markings are very visible, as it helps the umpire make the right calls. After a while, these markings get smeared or faded on natural grass, and that could impair judgment. These lines hardly ever get smeared or faded on synthetic turf.

  • Minimal Maintenance Cost

As opposed to natural turf that needs to be maintained every now and then, our synthetic turf takes the maintenance stress off you, because you can use it over long periods and only need to clean it or retouch the infill.

  • Non-Seasonal

It is a known fact that weather hardly affects the synthetic turf, and that makes it a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor tennis courts that can be used all year round.

We want the best for you; because we believe that you deserve the best synthetic turf for your tennis court.

Give us a call today to find out more about the benefits of artificial turf and how we can provide you with an excellent installation!

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