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Soccer’s global success has contributed to a universal trend toward this sport. Now the sports centers, colleges, and even some professional sports leagues prefer the synthetic turf fields over soccer fields with natural grass.

Synthetic turf comprises artificial grass blades sewn in a backing material and peppered with beads and sand of black rubber. Artificial turf fixes several natural grass grass-related problems. The physical characteristics of synthetic grass have a substantial impact on the best sprinting time, average sprinting time, and top speed. Compared with natural grass, the number of sliding tackles on artificial turf is also lower.

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  1. Sustainable and Safe

    Due to all-weather properties, the artificial grass can survive years of soccer stud damage and heavy falls, and it doesn’t convert to mud even in mild rainfall. The smooth surface of synthetic turf provides you with the advantage of enhancing your soccer techniques without causing any harm or injury to you. 

  2. Low Maintenance 

    The watering, seeding, mowing, fertilizing and maintenance of soccer fields with natural grass take hours. On the other hand, synthetic turfs do not need watering, pest control, and regular maintenance. The low maintenance of your artificial turf for your soccer field will also lead to fewer expenses.

  3. Variety of Footwear 

    The artificial grass for soccer fields also enables the players to use a wide range of footwear. The grass made up of synthetic materials doesn’t tear like grass. A common perception regarding these soccer fields was the number of injuries is comparatively higher to the soccer fields with natural grass. A study by FIFA has indicated that there is no such difference. The causes of injuries in both fields are nearly the same.

  4. Maximum Impact force

    The impact absorption characteristics of a grass depend on its amount of infill and thickness. As synthetic turfs are harder than natural grass, they have comparatively lower deformation patterns and higher maximum impact force. The studies have proved that in artificial grass, maximum impact during stopping and running maneuvers is relatively higher.

  5. Environment-Friendly 

    Different kinds of chemicals are used for the maintenance of soccer fields with natural grass. Using these harmful substances can harm natural resources. Synthetic turf doesn’t need these toxins, and this property makes it ideal for the environment, animals, and humans.


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