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Pet owners are implementing artificial grass, a safe, enduring, and affordable landscape option, in their backyards at their homes increasingly frequently. Instead of odor buildup or brown areas, you’ll have a consistently green lawn all year long that requires no maintenance. You’ll be perplexed as to why you haven’t switched to artificial grass yet after seeing the toxin-free, antimicrobial, heat-resistant, and shockingly lifelike grasses that U.S. Artificial Grass provides!

Residential Turf For Pets

U.S. Artificial Grass strives for the best quality, both in terms of the materials used in production and the manufacturing techniques. Not every product will meet the performance requirements that your particular project may demand.

For pet applications, we frequently advise shorter, denser grasses because they are typically much easier to maintain clean of pet waste. We also advise grasses with a more structurally supported blade shape because this can help prevent the formation of traffic patterns over time, which can lead to areas where the blades become permanently compressed.

Additionally, as part of your weekly or biweekly maintenance schedule, tools can assist "fluff up" squeezed surfaces. For additional advice on how to maintain your artificial grass for pet areas, see our blog.

Common Concern But Odor Is Preventable

It seems sense that when considering the possibility of installing artificial grass for their house, pet owners' top concern is odor build-up. There is a common assumption that turf will always smell, but thankfully, this is untrue. The use of infills made for dogs is the main method of odor avoidance. To greatly minimize odor buildup brought on by ammonia from pet urine, our infills are injected with anti-fungal protection and other naturally occurring chemicals.

Additionally, topical enzymatic cleaning products designed especially for synthetic grass are fantastic for both preventative measures and addressing already-odorous lawns. There are eco-friendly options available that are simple to apply and frequently only require biweekly application.

Our top priority is your pet's safety!

Although it is strong, long-lasting, lovely, and fresh-smelling, is it safe? Yes! Our artificial turf is made to be practically lead-free, non-toxic, and flame retardant, offering pet parents even more peace of mind. Test results can be downloaded from our product listings or from an employee upon request. Additionally, pet owners frequently discuss the heat retention of grass because plastics tend to absorb heat from prolonged sun exposure.

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