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Waiting for the lawn in your residential or commercial area to grow an even spread of natural grass so that you convert it into a playground or a general play area is now a thing of the past. Additionally, even if the compound you live in has some traces of grass, it will not survive for long under the stressful and rough playground treatments that it is likely to be exposed to and resultantly, call for extensive measures of protection and maintenance. 

For the uninitiated, artificial grass is always regarded as the closest and most efficient substitute of natural grass and justifiably so; apart from preserving the integrity of the play area, it will spare you the headache of constantly worrying about the charm of the grass bed. Accept it or not, ordinary grass is extremely fragile and can quickly disappear from the patches that are either too dry or muddy wet or have been trampled on. On the other hand, artificial grass is meant to endure the coarsest of treatments and still stand strong with an untarnished appeal.

Residential Artificial Grass Benefits

When it comes to choosing artificial grass that is to be used within your residential realms, the most important factor that you should have in mind is its quality. At the end of the day, the children from your own family would be using the play area for their recreation and thus, there cannot be any room for compromise. 

Top-quality coverage and customizable 

Unadulterated and top-quality grass tiles will always be exclusively tailored to fit perfectly within the unique configurations of your playground and give out a natural feeling, and most importantly, use allergen-free and non-toxic materials. Furthermore, artificial grass is not as harsh as uncovered gravel, wooden chips, and sand that lays around bare on the playground. Therefore, even if your child tumbles down on a few instances while playing, you can be assured that he/she will not end up with injured knees and elbows.

Safe for kids and pets 

Another significant characteristic of artificial grass is that it provides a cleaner setting for the kids. This essentially achieves two imperative objectives a) the children can play on the grass for however long they want and in all weather conditions without fretting about the mud and grime, and b) pets too can freely move around on the soft grass and still get back home with tidy paws.


The best part about artificial grass lies in the verity that it appears equally enthralling for everyone and thereby, makes way for a sense of inclusiveness. Regular grass and certain other varieties of recreational covers for the ground can turn out to be patchy, bumpy and uneven after being imperiled to repeated use. This indicates that people who are bound to the wheelchair or infants who have just mastered the art of crawling must only be vigilant spectators and revel in the experiences of an open playground vicariously. Nevertheless, with artificial grass, you can bid all these hurdles goodbye as it will inexorably blur out the existing loopholes of the natural ground and outline an accessible play area for everyone regardless of their special abilities. 

Highly realistic and durable 

The nylon fibers of artificial grass have been specially designed to render it a spring-like trait and bring it back to its upright position despite continued thumping and pounding. As we have in the preceding segment, these grasses are abrasion-resistant and will inevitably last longer than other surfaces such as the ones that are pour-in-place or rubber bonding. Evidently, this means that all you will have to do is invest just this one time in a high-grade artificial grass that is highly realistic and save money in the long-run by capitalizing on its versatility from time to time. 

Commercial Artificial Grass Benefits

If you are wondering what exactly differentiates artificial grass for commercial play areas from their residential counterparts then let us tell you that the primary point of distinction lies in the size of the turf and consequently, the number of people using it. This explains why parks, public recreation centers, airports, businesses, and apartment complexes are some of the most common procurers of synthetic grass. 

Eco-friendly turf and no more weeds 

Considering the surging repercussions of global warming and climate change, whenever we are advised to turn to something artificial, the first thought that hits us is whether or not the material will be harmful to the environment in any way. Fortunately, switching to artificial grass from natural grass will help you reduce the carbon footprints of your locality simply because it needs very little maintenance and can hence, effectively cut down on the use of additional resources.

There’s no need to devote gallons of water to make the grass look healthy and this automatically rules out the chemical fertilizers and weed killers from the scene which would otherwise mix into the thin air around it. As responsible citizens, it is our duty to safeguard the environment from any further deterioration. For this, we do not have to necessarily go out of our way and do things for the betterment of the ecosystem; simple choices like resorting to artificial turfs over the natural ones would be enough. Moreover, something that is unsuitable for the environment will obviously not be very welcoming for the members of our family; the toxins present in chemical pesticides are the last thing that you would want the common public to be subjected to. 

Excellent drainage 

Looking after a commercial space can be tremendously excruciating if the sets of equipment to be contained in it are not chosen or installed strategically. The grass looks alluring only when its surface is clean and dry; nobody would deliberately intend to tread around a space that is clogged with dirty water. Artificial grasses drain water and other liquids in the blink of an eye and this is fairly the reason why it is especially fruitful when used in school playgrounds and daycare centers. Replacing natural grass or the existing cover with an artificial layer will encourage both children and adults to head out right after the rain starts pouring and encounter nature in its rawest form sans the slippery and muddy spots. 

No maintenance and no watering 

Besides necessitating watering and fertilizing it in regular intervals, natural grass also requires periodic mowing of the freshly-growing weeds. If you are in charge of maintaining a public domain, adjusting the sustenance schedules to ensure that it doesn’t interfere with the timetable of the visitors can be more challenging than you would expect. Plus, depending on the seasonal changes and weather conditions, you might have to diligently water the grass which is a huge responsibility in a seemingly large commercial space. Nonetheless, once you swap to artificial grass for landscaping, your watering, and maintenance obligations will inescapably narrow down and you will only have to pick some leaves and twigs that are blown to the surface because of heavy wind subsequently, saving a lot of time, cost and energy.

Now that you are acquainted with all the major benefits of using artificial grass in your residential and commercial area, give US Artificial Grass a call today to find out more about these impressive turfs and how the company can seamlessly provide exceptional installation.

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