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Residential Pet Areas

Artificial turfs have their place in many different areas of life, with it mainly serving as a substitute for normal, natural grass. Unlike natural grass which has numerous disadvantages for pet owners, artificial turfs have been a lifesaver in many residential households, with them making life for both the family and the pet easier, convenient and much safer.

Here are a few benefits that you can gain from having artificial turf in your residential area:

  1. Prevent Pet Poisoning

    Natural grass in residential areas has all sorts of plants growing there, some of which have been declared by experts as very dangerous for pets, since if those plants are on ingested by your pet, there’s a very likely chance that it will suffer from poisoning and resort to vomiting, nausea, rapid heartbeats, etc. By installing these eco-friendly artificial turfs in your residential area you’ll prevent plants like these from growing and so your pet will be safe from the possibility of being poisoned by plants.

  2. Creates a Playing Space

    Have a large space that’s just a plain old hard surface? Liven it up by installing an artificial turf that can turn any boring old hard spaces into a fun playing space for your pet as well as turning your outdoor residential area into a decorative, good-looking place! We guess that’s a two-in-one package for you and your pet!

  3. No More Lawn Maintenance!

    Taking care of natural grass can be an exhausting and expensive challenge for most people, with having to water, trim and mow the lawn regularly and also buying expensive chemicals to eliminate harmful pests and plants, but what’s worse is that those chemicals can prove to be very harmful to your pet. The chemicals you use on the grass can get transferred to your pet’s body, from where they get transferred into the pet’s nasal passages, possibly affecting the pet’s breathing. By installing an artificial turf in your residential area, you will be permanently rid of having to maintain a lawn and the energy and expenses it costs and another plus point is that your pet will be safe and healthy.

  4. Avoid a Messy and Muddy Lawn

    We know how irritating it gets when it rains and your lawn becomes muddy and now you and your pet can’t play in it anymore without getting the mud all over both of you. So by installing artificial turf, you’ll get the advantage of the fact that any water falling on artificial turf will pass right through it into the soil below, avoiding any drainage or mud problems you might have as well as not having to clean yourself and your pet every time you play on your residential area’s artificial turf.

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Commercial Pet Areas

As a pet owner, we’re sure you would want the very best for your beloved pet. Anyone who owns a pet knows that pets become a part of the family from day one. As such, it is important that wherever they bring their pets to is a comfortable, safe, and fun environment for them. It could be a pet daycare center, a kennel, or even a dog park, all the pet owners will strive to find the best possible environment. Our artificial grass is perfect for keeping pets comfortable and safe at parks, pet runs, kennels, and more.

High quality, artificial turf is an excellent option for all sorts of pets including cats, dogs, rabbits, parrots – nearly any sort of pet who is looking to enjoy their outdoors! Our commercial-grade artificial turf has numerous benefits which include:

  • No Maintenance

Artificial grass does not have to be well kept and maintained like natural grass. It does not require watering, fertilizing, and trimming from time to time. As the owner of a pet daycare or a dog kennel etc., we’re sure you already have your hands full whilst taking care of all the pets. Free yourself from all maintenance woes by choosing our commercial-grade, high-quality turf. 

  • Safe for Kids and Pets

Natural grass is home to all sorts of insects and often needs to be sprayed with pesticides to prevent an insect outbreak. Fertilizer chemicals that promote the growth of natural grass often release harmful fumes that are unsafe for both kids and pets alike. Our artificial turf is a much safer option and provides a fun environment for all, making your commercial. 

  • 100% Free Of Weeds 

One major advantage of opting for our artificial turf is that you’re 100% free from worrying about removing weeds that ruin your complete outlook. Our turfs are guaranteed to look fresh, all year round. Save up on the maintenance and hassle and focus solely on promoting your commercial business!

  • Eco-Friendly Solution

Reduce emissions by saying farewell to your leaf blower, lawnmower, and all your lawn maintenance tools. Removal of pesticides and toxic fertilizers is also an added benefit of opting for our high-quality artificial turf. Ensure less environmental pollution whilst also creating a safe space for pets and kids on your commercial property.

  • High-Quality Drainage System

Our state-of-the-art turf provides a high-quality system for drainage, enabling you to say goodbye to muddy paws and pesky puddle patches. Unlike natural grass, our artificial turf is strategically designed to drain water into a specific location. As the owner of a commercial property, we’re sure you’re well aware of how important it is to have an efficient drainage system. 

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