Synthetic Turf For Open Play Fields

At U.S. Artificial Grass, we’re aware that having fun and large open play fields go hand in hand. Therefore, we consider uses all the possible uses when evaluating the design process for an open play field. Maybe perhaps kickball, football, or soccer. However, we don’t want to limit the open field to only one specific sport. When you keep an open mind, you’re able to have a wide variety of uses. We usually like to incorporate an open area for creative play, such as freezing tag or catch, inside these locations.

Kids play many different sports and games on open play fields and the best part is, they don’t need a lot of equipment. According to our findings, youngsters adore turf. They like to run on it and use it for sliding, spinning, and other activities. Since it is always tidy, adults appreciate it. Clothing doesn’t become soiled. The indoors are not tracked with mud.

Advantages of Artificial Turf Open Play Fields

Among all the benefits, maintenance is the most favorable perk to installing artificial turf to a large open play field. You not only save tons of water but also time and money. Without having to deal with frequent watering, mowing, fertilizing and all the other things that come with maintaining a natural open field, you end up getting more play time. Some of these benefits include:

  • Durability
  • Safety
  • Versatility
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Non-seasonal
  • Beautiful Appeal

a unique benefit of turf is you can easily add lines or bases depending on the game you're playing.

open play field Uses

We created a synthetic grass product range that is perfect for open play field applications using our expertise and understanding from planning and constructing both playgrounds and sporting fields. Our distinctive fibers produce soft-touch fields with a thick thatch layer that offers support and endurance for even the most demanding applications.

U.S. Artificial Grass open play fields is your solution to adding a kid-friendly feature to your business.

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