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High costs associated with the installation and maintenance of the natural grass for golf fields must be reduced in 2020. Golf is one of the few industries that have not benefited a lot from the emerging artificial alternatives and new technologies. What are the possible ways to reduce the expenses of maintaining a professional golf field?

Let’s start with the biggest investment, the grass installation for golf fields.

Synthetic Turf for Golf Fields

The use of advanced rubber materials and synthetic fibers in the realistic turf has made it a real competitor of natural grass. Synthetic turf is not finding ways to replace the traditional grass with highly affordable artificial turf.

US Artificial Grass is one of the renowned trendsetters in the athletic world. We have renovated many golf fields with this new affordable alternative. It’s time to adopt the change and apart from easy maintenance to low-cost installation, here are some other practical advantages of using synthetic turf for golf fields:

 Weather Resistance of Synthetic Turf

Harsh environmental factors can create a mess in natural turf. You will have to abandon all of your activities in the natural grass ground as soon as the first drop of rain falls on the ground. Artificial synthetic turf removed this limitation as it provides safer grounds in all weather conditions. No matter what are the weather conditions in the area, whether it is raining or a sunny day, you can continue your game.

Minimum Recovery Time and Maximum Hours of Use

Turf takes most of the beating, and you need a solution that can withstand extreme use cases. Natural turf cannot withstand the continued gameplay as it needs enough time for recovery after gameplay. It is difficult to organize a smooth, professional event on natural turf due to long recovery time periods.

On the other hand, synthetic turf can withstand 5x more hours of use as compared to natural turf. The recovery time for artificial turf is almost zero, and you can organize continuous sports events without worrying about recovery time.

Low Maintenance Costs

Seeding, mowing, and fertilizing the natural turf can consume a major portion of the maintenance budget. Pest controls and other additional services will leave you thinking about switching to artificial synthetic turf. The maintenance and installation cost of synthetic turf is way less than the natural turf.

Zero Growing Time Required

Natural turf installation is a hectic process that can take time to have the field ready for use. The inconsistent growth of natural turf can make the field patchy and unusable for fair play. Artificial turf required no growing and will be ready to use right after the installation.

Regulatory authorities and community laws require the safe maintenance of the natural turf. The use of fertilizers can cause trouble for the surrounding community. So, synthetic turf is free from all of these additional requirements, making it a better and safer turf for golf fields.

It’s High Time to Opt for Synthetic Turf

If you want to avoid high costs of natural turf, call US Artificial Grass now to find out more about the benefits of artificial turf for golf fields. Our representative will guide you about every aspect of the artificial turf and how we can provide you with professional synthetic turf installation.

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