Upgrade to Artificial Grass Before Winter

You have a short window to prepare for winter as the chilly months draw near. It’s time to seal the outside of your home, adjust the heating, clean the gutters, and sweep the chimney. It’s time to prepare your yard for winter, which is quickly approaching because having a soggy, withered lawn to begin the new year is the last thing you need.

Winter care for your lawn varies from artificial turf vs. natural grass. We advise households to switch to artificial grass because of the little to no upkeep, artificial turf enables homeowners to have a functional lawn over the winter.

Reasons to Upgrade to Artificial Turf

No More Pest Damage

Natural grass develops a little ecosystem that draws pests like rats and insects. However, this is not the case for artificial grass. Because it is made of plastic, animals cannot eat it, and the strong backing prevents voles from digging tunnels into your yard.

You’ll Be Ready When Spring Arrives

Snow melt causes dirt and filth to flood grass lawns. You now have two choices: risk the mud and destroy your lawn or wait till warmer weather to use your grass. The third choice would be to completely replace natural grass with a synthetic yard. Compared to traditional lawns, artificial turf provides superior drainage, preventing flooding from rapid snow melt. Turf lawns also don’t grow muddy since they don’t contain any soil. While your neighbors are mired in the mud, you may really enjoy your yard thanks to artificial grass.

Additionally, the growth of grass molds is caused when snow and rain mix with organic materials like leaves, twigs, and dead grass. Artificial turf avoids the risk of grass mold because it’s comprised of organic materials and drains water more quickly than real grass. Lawns affected by grass mold seem dead, brittle, and gray.

More Time For Family And Friends

By moving to turf, you won’t have to prepare your lawn for the winter by fertilizing, aerating, or blowing out the sprinklers, leaving you more time to spend with friends and family.

Enjoy The Outdoors For Winter

Natural grass may struggle throughout the winter. It has to be fertilized and aerated before the first frost since it becomes useless in the winter. For the snow and frost, turf does not require preparation. Leave it alone and you’ll still have a beautiful, green lawn in the spring.

You may utilize a grass lawn all winter long if you remove the ice and snow off it. Artificial grass is a terrific way to spend time outdoors throughout the winter without having to leave the comfort of your home, from Christmas football games to backyard putting greens on sunny days. The sunshine and clean air will do wonders for your mental well-being.

Contact us at U.S. Artificial Grass at (800) 674-TURF. We’ll help you make the switch so you can enjoy your backyard for the winter.

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