Top 8 Ideas For Promoting Your Artificial Turf Business

Artificial turf is a thriving business that attracts many new entrepreneurs each year. It’s one of the fast-growing divisions of the landscaping market. Demand is at an all-time high, even as more and more customers discover the undeniable short and long-term benefits of artificial turf.

This growing industry presents numerous business opportunities worth exploring for the entrepreneur with a drive for owning a successful business. There are already thousands of established companies in this industry but don’t let that discourage you. That just makes more opportunity for you to analyze their strategies to see what’s working and what’s not. Be sure you have a clear picture of the local market where you want to target customers.

Here Are Your Top Ideas To Promote Your Artificial Turf Business

01. Build Recognition For Your Business

Even if it is limited to a small area, getting recognition is of significant value to your company. People should be familiar with the work you have done and identify your business name by coming across it on social media and sign around the area. As they frequently see your business around you’ll be first in mind when they’re ready to need your services or refer you to someone else.

02. Market Before The Busy Season

Identify when is your busy season and don’t wait for the season to start. This will help you get ahead of the game and be the first to reach out to your potential customers. You can jump-start this through advertising. As they see your ads regularly, a handful of them will inquire about your services.

03. Target Your Ideal Customers

Decide if your focus is residential or commercial. If you feel your area is more residential based then maybe your ideal customer would be homeowners that don’t have the time and skills to maintain their lawn and keep it in excellent condition. Some areas have homeowner associations that require lawns to be tip-top which can be challenging to achieve when you live a busy life. Is the area facing a drought? Or are you focusing more on commercial? Right off the bat, we all know business representation is everything. Artificial turf saves businesses thousands of dollars a month on landscaping. So know your ideal customer for the business and see if there is a possible need in the area. This will also help you know which area of the industry has fewer competitors. Then once you’ve established that find the best strategies to reach out to them.

04. Build A Portfolio Site

This is so important because people want to see your potential. Be intentional about taking before and after pictures. Share your work regularly on social media. Most importantly, hire a photographer to take high-quality pictures of your work and then showcase your best work on your website. This will make an excellent impression on the visitors.

05. Use Direct Mail

In this digital age, direct mail is still an effective and result-oriented marketing method. Many surveys have revealed that an overwhelming majority of consumers open direct mail quickly. So send out postcards. This will also help to get your business out there making an impression of your business so you will be the one they remember when needing your service.

06. Get Your Business On Listings

List your artificial turf business on some of the well-known listing sites. People come to these sites to search for the right services. So, your chances of getting hired are even higher on these sites. The popular listing sites include Google, Yelp, Thumbtack, Houzz, Home Advisor, Angie’s List, and Porch. Get also listed in local consumer directories. While listing on these sites, you should pay attention to your business profile as well. You should regularly update it with new photos of your landscaping projects.

07. Have A Website For Landscaping Business

I cannot express this to you enough… have a website! This is the first place people visit when wanting to know more about your service. It’s not just about displaying some images and text. Smart entrepreneurs use websites to convert visitors into customers. Websites are a place to point out qualities of your business that stands out from your competitors. Be sure to include customer reviews, showcase your work and have a clear spot of how to get in contact with you. This will help your visitor see that you have a credible business.

8. Explore The Power Of Social Media

So seriously, who isn’t on social media nowadays! It is widely considered one of the most effective marketing channels. Most users have Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to not only connect with friends and family but also to get influenced. This is a great way to generate brand awareness. Your artificial turf business can utilize social media platforms to get noticed. Start by posting relevant content as well as sharing your latest projects. Be sure to engage with others as they comment and ‘like’ your posts. Most importantly, be consistent. Going weeks without posting will just put you back at square one and you’ll find yourself having to get that momentum going again and that’s not always easy.

Utilizing these tips will not only help you to get more customers but also help your business develop a steady growth pattern. Remember to stick to what you see is already working for you but don’t be afraid to branch out and try new ways to promote your artificial turf business. GOOD LUCK!

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