Tips for Your Artificial Grass Showroom to Increase Sales

As you already know, first impressions are everything. They give you a lasting impression of the experience or feeling based on interactions or surroundings. This is why you should give special attention to your artificial grass showroom. Planning the layout and design ahead of time will help give you with a clear vision to work towards.

Those who enter your artificial grass showroom are already well-informed and have possibly already received a professional consultation or have visited your website. Their visit means they want to know more about their artificial grass options and possibly sold on sealing the deal. Giving them the experience of your showroom can be just what they’re looking for to make their decision to choose your business for their artificial grass install. 

Flow of Traffic

Take notice of the flow of traffic that you currently have in your store. Try to figure out what area your customers are currently drawn to when they walk in. Once you have an idea of the flow of traffic, this can help you to determine the best layouts to maximize engagement. It is always worth setting out your most impressive turf towards the front of your store to attract people inside. To save space at the front of the showroom, keep sales desks and seating areas towards the rear, as this will also create a more relaxed and private environment for discussing product details and deals.

Dare to Define

The different types of artificial grass serve different purposes. Showing how these turfs are used is really important. Define sections of your showroom for each turf type. For example, have a section for residential, commercial, playground, golf, sports field etc. Logical and well-defined sections will help give an organized feel, despite a mix of styles and themes. It’s important to divide those sections with lighting. It can be a very powerful tool to divide, define and highlight the different environments within your showroom.

Create the Reality

Designing an environment that can help your potential customers experience what their backyard oasis can possibly be is huge when it comes to helping them make a decision to purchase artificial grass. It gives them a vision and feeling of what can be theirs with just a single decision of saying ‘Yes’. It can be the perfect putting grass for a whole in one or the cool fluffy feel of some premium lawn option for the backyard. Either way, be sure to add lawn chairs, a hammock or some golf clubs so they can really experience the feeling of having artificial grass installed at their home or workplace.

More Than a Showroom

A showroom is designed to comfortably host small groups and to accommodate any unanswered questions. So your showroom should be functional and attractive. Adding touches like comfortable seating areas while waiting, light refreshments such as water or coffee, and a kid-friendly show to keep the little ones entertained are all important features to have in your showroom to accommodate your customers.

Showroom Lighting 

We touched on this earlier but I really want to emphasize how important lighting in your showroom is. In order to really see the vibrant selection of artificial grass you have to offer, they need good natural lighting. Consider skylights and large windows if possible. Most artificial grass is used outdoor so it’s important to create that same outdoor lighting for your potential customers so they get the full experience.

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