Tips For Reducing Outdoor Water Waste

Roughly 60% of a person’s household water footprint may be used for lawn and garden upkeep. Summertime is a popular season for homeowners to enjoy their yards, but many of us are unaware of how much water we are actually squandering. In the end, you could choose to have synthetic turf installed by U.S. Artificial Grass to drastically minimize water usage and save money. Here are a few more suggestions for reducing outdoor water waste.

Adjust Your Lawn Care Needs

Water waste may be decreased in a number of fantastic ways. One is shrinking the size of your lawn so that it takes up less space. Add pavers or stone pathways to break up and minimize the area that needs to be watered. Another helpful tip is to water in the early morning or late at night to prevent evaporation. One final adjustment you can make to your lawn care regimen to save water is to go longer in between cleanings, especially during the hot season.

Add Mulch To Your Landscape

You may keep water from evaporating by spreading mulch all around a plant’s root system. As mulch breaks down, it will also add nutrients to the soil. This is a simple step that won’t break the wallet

Automatic Irrigation Systems To Planter Beds

Another option to preserve water is to install and program an automated watering system properly. Even though the initial cost might be high, it will benefit in the long run because water conservation will result in cost savings.

Switch To Artificial Grass For Both Your Front And Backyard

You could wish to go above and above and reduce your water use by 80% or more. With the help of U.S. Artificial Grass, you can have realistic-looking, high-quality, low-maintenance synthetic grass placed in your yard. Contact us at (800) 674-TURF, our trained professionals are happy to assist you with additional ways to save water. 

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