The Key to Long-Lasting Artificial Turf

Do you desire durable synthetic turf that won’t shred or fade?

Your lawn’s structure and design hold the key to long-lasting grass. Below, we go through how to make artificial turf endure a long time and explain what makes quality grass stand out.

As You Know, Not All Artificial Turf Is The Same!

Do you recall when turf first came out? It started out as a bright fake plastic green that became a little lighter every summer. That is an illustration of shoddy yarn construction. Technology and design in the 1980s and 1990s placed restrictions on artificial grass.

Powerful new technologies, such as high-carbon yarn and polyurethane backings, are now available to producers. But that does not imply that there is no longer affordable, breakable grass. In actuality, many grass lawns aren’t constructed to last.

So how can you distinguish between good artificial turf and cheap stuff?

The Secret To Long-Lasting Turf

The Secret To Long-Lasting Artificial Turf

Poor-quality turfs are made from inferior fibers, creating an unreal product that degrades quickly over time.

Blades of synthetic grass are created from yarn. The majority of fake grass today is comprised of carbon fiber plastic. Less durable carbon fiber is more brittle and won’t hold up. Extended carbon chains found in higher grades of yarn, such C8, provide greater resilience and temperature tolerance.

Knowing The Science Behind Quality Turf

U.S. Artificial Grass employs the greatest technologies available to deliver the best results.

More robust than others on the market, our grass blades! The fake grass blades are sturdy and resilient thanks to our cutting-edge engineering! This keeps your lawn straight and green even after many years of intensive use and prevents it from matting and flattening over time.

Compared to other synthetic turfs that are often utilized, our artificial lawns are softer and seem more realistic. Its superior quality boosts curb attractiveness while improving living conditions!

Where to find Long-Lasting Artificial Turf

Our turf at U.S. Artificial Grass is of the highest caliber. Make an appointment or give us a call to find out which one fits your lifestyle the best!

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