The Buyers Guide to Choosing Artificial Grass

Installing artificial turf will improve the aesthetics of vacant spaces in your home, but only if you spend money on premium quality. We provide and install the best synthetic turf at U.S. Artificial Grass. With the right help, you can save time and money on lawn upkeep while also making your house a safer place for kids and dogs. Here are some of the best characteristics of premium artificial turf:

Withstands Heavy Foot Traffic

Heavy foot traffic is intended for artificial grass. It has synthetic grass-looking blades that are far more resilient than genuine grass. Additionally, they are joined to a mesh backing to stop low-lying regions from getting muddy and damp. Last but not least, the infill makes the product more durable by raising the blades and offering a plush cushion for foot contact.


One of the main allergens is organic grass. The symptoms of allergies can be reduced by replacing your lawn with synthetic turf since artificial grass does not produce pollen as natural grass does. In essence, your artificial lawn may act as a barrier surrounding your home that is resistant to allergies. The best part is that any pollen that may have drifted in from nearby yards may be eliminated with a fast rinse with a hose.

High Density

The amount of grass blades per square meter is referred to as density. A greater density count indicates higher-quality and longer-lasting grass. In terms of golf applications, our grass is sufficiently dense to accommodate golf tees for a realistic, natural feel. Golfers may be able to swing on a surface that won’t catch the clubhead by doing this. The durable nylon material surpasses PE and offers a rapid return on investment for golf facilities.

Odor Control

An odor-controlling infill is included in our installations of synthetic pet grass. The majority of waste-related smells are eliminated by this infill because it stops ammonia from turning into gas. Our infill also prevents blockage of the drainage system and keeps your grass cool to the touch.

Quality Drainage System

When there may be severe rain, flooded grass can be a problem. Your artificial grass won’t ever get slick or muddy thanks to our sector-leading drainage technology. This means that you won’t have to worry about your dogs leaving muddy paw prints inside the home or your youngsters stumbling on damp grass if you choose U.S. Artificial Grass.

High-Quality Artificial Turf Supply

It can be difficult to find the right installer, which is why it’s important to do your research. Contact U.S. Artificial Grass if you need premium artificial turf supplies. All around America, we distribute and install artificial grass. Contact us right now to set up a private consultation by calling us or going to our website.

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