Start an Artificial Grass Business

Thinking about starting your own artificial grass business? If so, start with this thought… the artificial grass industry is currently growing at a rate of 20% annually with landscape and leisure sports grass growing at a rate of 35% annually. Without a doubt, the demand is definitely increasing for artificial grass. There are more uses, not to mention a wide range of styles, for artificial grass than ever before. Here are some key points when considering investing in the artificial grass business.

Key Investment Points:

  • The artificial grass industry is currently growing at 20 percent annually.
  • Flexible business model with the ability to expand and grow.
  • Eco-friendly business with proven success.
  • FREE Marketing and Sales Support tools.

Do you have what it takes?

Are you goal-driven, eager to learn, passionate, energetic and motivated to take it to the next level? Then you can be the next artificial grass business owner. We offer hands-on training to improve your communication skills so you can offer quality customer service. Running your own business has never been easier with all the free support available to you.

Residential or Commercial?

Know your target market! You can serve the general public, landscape contractors, commercial builders, governments and municipalities in your territory. Do some research on the need in your area. Does it lean more towards residential or commercial? If you’re noticing a strong pull for both then don’t limit yourself. We have the tools and support to service both. Our goal is to help you succeed in becoming an artificial grass business owner.  Research different strategies that cater to both residential and commercial.

Get Started!

Now that you see that this isn’t as hard as you thought it was… start thinking about a name for your business. Think about something that is going to directly communicate what you’re selling. Ask around for ideas and get feedback on your top business name choices. Next, determine the location you’d like to target. Lastly, contact US Artificial grass for tools on becoming an artificial grass business owner.

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