Sinking Artificial Grass

Sunken turf is a common problem that appears when the layer of stone aggregate underneath the turf shits, leaving holes in the layer beneath the surfacing. That detracts from the visual beauty of your landscaping and can pose tripping hazards. This is not fixed by simply applying more stone to the area. However, it is a relatively simple problem to fix and will help maintain safety.

Imperial Prime Artificial Turf

Prevent Sinking Artificial Turf

You won’t need to fix sinking artificial grass if you properly install turf the first time around. Do some research to find out what you need to know before installing artificial turf. Learning how to prep the ground beforehand is a key factor in preventing sinking artificial turf.

How To Fix Sinking Synthetic Turf

Solution: Install a Solid Sub Base

It will be much easier to install turf if you have a nice and stable sub-foundation. Everything will be held together by it. This will keep your grass from sinking and all of the issues that come with it at bay.

Imperial Prime Sub Base

Next Steps

  1. Pull back of affected area (may require cutting and seaming)
  2. Dig down to identify the cause of the problem.
  3. Add and compact base rock, then re-install turf.
  4. Refresh infill and replenish as needed.
  5. Power brushing.

Repair the cause of the problem to restore your lawn’s beautiful, smooth surface. To explore the possibilities for repairing any sinking spots in your artificial lawn, contact our turf installation professionals today!

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