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Residential Lawns

Through the years, artificial grass has come a very long way. This lawn-alternative is much more durable, and now very natural looking. And although individuals will typically say the grass is greener on the other side, the truth is, there are several real rewards for replacing your lawn with artificial grass. Just imagine never needing to cut your grass ever again! With the help of today’s modern technology, the artificial grass looks and feels similar to real grass. Also, since it stays the same height and color for years, not days, you know your yard will consistently be the best one on the block.

Some of the fundamental reasons artificial grass has become so in demand, particularly out West, is thanks to the water savings it supplies.

Gone are the times of where synthetic turf would most likely stand out like a sore thumb, and many people could tell in an instance it was faux. These days artificial grass choices are practically unlimited and can fool anybody who views it.



Synthetic turf is UV stabilized to shield against color fading. As opposed to organic grass that will have to deal with diseases, dehydration, as well as dormancy, synthetic turf has the perks of looking excellent, daily, all year long.

Organic lawns are unpredictable and needy, which means they need a lot of attention to remain looking their very best, but artificial grass is much less needy is this respect.

Artificial turf can tolerate heavy use and can last somewhere between 15 and 20 years. It also does not generate a habitat for unwanted pests such as bugs, moles, or gophers, which can ruin an organic lawn.

Curb appeal is imperative if you are looking into selling your house, and a patchy, brown, dead lawn will not do a great deal for possible buyers. Even if you will not be thinking of selling any time in the near future, the improved aesthetic appeals that accompany synthetic turf help to raise your property’s worth. A green, spotless lawn of artificial grass can easily create all the difference in the world.