PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Eco Premium Artificial Grass

Pets, swimming pools, parks, and more can all benefit from the lovely field green hue of our one and only green-on-green grass. Eco Premium synthetic turf is the ideal compromise between value and quality. With U.S. Artificial Grass, we will assist in helping your outdoor experience will be elevated. You’ll appreciate the benefits of artificial grass, such as its extreme resilience, minimal care requirements, and lovely year-round verdant color.

Eco Premium Artificial Grass Features

For those who are more particular about appearance and who are looking for synthetic turf with a strong vertical recall, Eco Premium artificial grass is your answer. Our turf has the best technology to stay upright in the face of duress. Its “C” form facilitates great recovery.

  • Color: Two-toned, Bi-colored Field Green with Green Thatch
  • Pile Height: 1.38″
  • Turf Gauge: 3/8″
  • Total Weight: 40 oz
  • Stitch Rate: 16/10 rate
  • Stitches/M: 18900
  • Backing: 2 layers/Composite & Latex
  • Roll Size: 15 x 100
  • Technology: C Blade Mixed

Eco Premium Artificial Grass Uses

This turf type can be placed and used in a variety of places or circumstances as long as they require durability and resilience. This high-end turf is characterized by its fibers, which have a 1.38-inch pile height. Works perfectly for terraces, luxury renovations, private and public pools, and dog play areas.

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Order A FREE Sample of Eco Premium Artificial Grass

Thinking your backyard would benefit from Eco Premium artificial grass? For a FREE sample of Eco Premium synthetic grass, give us a call at (800) 674-TURF. This will allow you to inspect the product’s quality firsthand. We will also fully address any queries you may have regarding the procedure or the choice of our turf. We’re here to make this process simple!

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