Pro Tips for DIY Installation of Synthetic Grass

Although artificial turf lawns have been around for many years, they’re primarily known for being used in the private sector, sports stadiums, theme parks, etc. Lately, artificial turf lawns have been gaining popularity among homeowners more and more. With the growing popularity of artificial grass and the increasing availability of turf products, it is no surprise that some homeowners are wondering if they can install synthetic lawns without the help of a professional. Some of these homeowners have been satisfied with the end of result, while others have not had as much success and may have even called in professionals to replace their DIY fake grass with a properly installed synthetic lawn. They key is to install it properly once so you can enjoy the benefits for years to come.

Below are some pro tips for DIY Installation of Synthetic Grass:

• The key to smooth and even turf is a solid foundation. By taking steps to prepare the area before installation, you help create the best environment for your turf. 

• Prior to installation lay turf out under the sun for at least 1-2 hours to allow turf to acclimate. This will make the backing less stiff and the turf easier to be broomed up. 

• Always stretch and install turf taut. One yard of base materials will cover 80 square feet at 4 inches depth (1 Yard = 1 Ton). Do not overlap seams. Never drive nails into base too far because this will create a noticeable dip.

• Always hand or power broom turf prior to filling.

• Always run grain of turf in the same direction. Use a 2×4 (straight line installation) or 1×2 (curve line installation) of synthetic or pressure treated wood bender board around the perimeter of turf area to frame and protect the turf from soil and debris.

• Use only manufacturer recommended infill materials. Infill amount will vary. A 100 Ib. bag of infill will typically cover a 60 sf. of turf.

 • Lay the weed barrier fabric over road base or decomposed granite. This step is optional. Landscape fabrics have their pros and cons. If the soil beneath your installation is “alive” and weeds are wildly grown prior to installation, it might be a good idea to protect your lawn from weeds with weed barrier fabric. In many case scenarios, there is no big need in weed protection, and you can install turf right on top of decomposed granite without adding extra layers.

DIY artificial grass installation might be right for you if you have a particularly tight budget and the project is small and simple. However, even if you are working with a small budget, we recommend at least getting a quote from a professional to see how much your project would cost. It might be less than you think.

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