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We pride ourselves on having the best artificial turf in North Carolina that looks and feels just like real grass with quality that will last.

We specialize in all types of artificial turf, from pet turf to sports. Our products are developed to create the most natural-looking grass in the industry. No matter how you envision it, U.S. Artificial Grass can help make your dream space a reality. When you contact us, our professional installers will give you the expertise you need to realize your dreams. And, we’ll provide the common sense and expertise necessary to provide an accurate assessment of what’s needed to make it happen.

As time goes on, more and more people are discovering the many wonderful benefits of having artificial grass. From manicured front lawns to safer pet areas, and even backyard putting greens, our team can help you create an outdoor space the whole family will love. There are so many ways you can benefit from artificial grass by not only conserving water but also save money and have a green lawn year-round. Our professional installation crews are highly experienced in both commercial and residential properties, so we can make expert suggestions based on your needs. 

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The reality is that real grass lawns in North Carolina require year-round maintenance. While beautiful to look at, the ongoing upkeep costs, time spent mowing and lawn care add up. Artificial turf has become a popular landscape solution for homeowners, businesses, and municipalities across North Carolina. There are many reasons it’s replaced natural grass, but one of the main reasons has to do with maintenance. Synthetic lawns are maintenance-free, saving property owners time and money on lawn care. With fake grass, you can forget about mowing, watering, fertilizing, and pulling out weeds. Synthetic turf is great for shaded areas or in places where natural grass is hard to grow, such as slopes. 

Soft, lush and natural looking, artificial grass can also save you money on your water bill and leave more time for other activities as you enjoy a beautiful green yard, year round, with virtually no maintenance. Reducing water consumption and the use of chemicals also makes choosing to install your artificial grass the environmentally friendly choice for your landscape. 

Why should you choose U.S. Artificial Grass over the rest? Simply put, it is a matter of quality and experience. We offer artificial grass products that require very low-maintenance while remaining lush and green through all seasons, weather conditions. We make several different types of artificial turf, each featuring unique different piles and textures to suit a specific purpose. Our artificial turf is tested to maintain the highest quality and performance standards. We have a 15 year warrantee from the date of installation if it is installed and maintained as recommended by the turf manufacturer. We assure that under normal conditions, our product can maintain its stability and durability within the warranty period and meet the requirements of use. You can be sure you are getting artificial grass that will look gorgeous for many years, with hardly any maintenance and no expense for traditional lawn care or watering. Our synthetic turf saves you time, money and water every year. That’s an excellent return on any investment! 

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