Is It Possible To Install Artificial Grass On A Deck?

Do you want to add artificial grass to your deck, patio, or rooftop but aren’t sure if you can? Or perhaps you want to refresh the aesthetic of your off-the-ground space. The advantage of artificial turf is that it provides a wide range of alternatives. However, it’s critical to plan ahead for the optimal installation strategy so that you don’t run into issues later.

The most common problem we’ve found with decking is that it rots or appears aged, which invites moss. If you’ve ever painted your deck, you’re aware of how much effort it takes to keep it looking nice and keep the paint from peeling and discoloring. Artificial grass requires the same level of maintenance and installation to ensure that it lasts as long as possible and looks its best.

Is it possible to put fake grass on a deck, patio, or rooftop? Yes, you certainly can! There are, however, some exceptions. We get this question a lot, and we’d want to address it. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about installing artificial grass on your deck.

How Do You Install Artificial Grass On A Deck?

The turf is installed on top of your deck boards if they are in good condition, free of rot, and leveled. However, it is best to have a turf specialist examine it and provide advice. In a typical installation, a weed barrier is applied first, followed by a pad layer, and finally the artificial turf. When placing artificial grass on a deck, your installer should secure the turf as much as possible to ensure it doesn’t move.

If you’re not sure if your deck is in good shape, our installer may be able to fix it for an additional fee.

It Creates A Soft Surface

Do you intend to have children play on your new lawn? A shock pad layer is recommended. However, if your pets will be utilizing grass to relieve themselves, we do not advocate it. The pee will be absorbed by the shock pad, which has a distinct odor.

We recommend following the traditional approach if you want to install artificial grass for children and pets and don’t mind your pets using it as a urinal. It would necessitate the removal of your deck, the installation of the required sub-base, and the application of turf on top. There is no requirement for a shock pad layer.

In Conclusion

At U.S. Artificial Grass, we’ve installed decks in a variety of homes and businesses. It has the potential to make your patio or rooftop area more attractive and functional. Contact us today at (800) 674-TURF and we’ll have one of our trained professionals answer any questions or concerns. We’ll be able to assist you with the best installation process of artificial turf for your deck, patio or rooftop. Critical planning is the key to any future problems.

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