Is Artificial Grass Too Hot For Dogs?

Synthetic grass and heat is one of the most frequently asked topics we hear. There’s a rationale for such inquiries, too. If you’re thinking about installing artificial turf for dogs, keep in mind that it’s a big expenditure. And you’ll have some queries, whether it’s for your house or your business.

The Problem

When it’s hot outside, common sense is required when it comes to pet safety. “Will synthetic grass grow too hot for my pet’s feet?”.

Artificial grass may not get as hot as pavement (blacktop and cement), but it is still not as cool as genuine grass. As a result, while your pet is outside on your synthetic grass during the summer, you may need to consider a few things.

Imperial Pro and Imperial Prime

The Solution

  • Spray it down with some water.

If you’re planning on taking your dog out in the heat, consider using a pet-friendly watering system.

  • Always provide your pet with shade.

Your pet, like any other outdoor creature, should always have access to some form of shade. This provides them with not just a place to lay down and relax but also protects them from the sun and heat.

  • Use the right infill.

The right infill for lawns is key to keeping the grass cool and making it seem softer as you walk over it. The correct infill will let air move freely throughout the grass, greatly cooling it and giving it a natural patina that gives it a more natural look.

  • Avoid window magnification.

Window magnification can cause dulled and damaged patches in your artificial grass and can cause unnecessary heat.

Imperial K9-1

Does artificial grass burn dogs’ paws?

Artificial grass does not keep as cold as grass with water running through it, but neither does it absorb nor radiate heat like concrete, rock, or brick.

Pet parents should always check the temperature of a surface before letting their dog walk on it. K9 synthetic grass does not retain heat and dissipates quickly while in the shade. Even in the presence of shade, surfaces such as sand, concrete, and other porous materials will retain heat.


You should constantly make sure that your pet is comfortable, just as you would with any other flooring or ground surface. If the temperatures are very high, check the ground heat before allowing them to go outside. If you notice that the grass is too hot, use one of the suggestions above to cool it down. Have more questions? Contact us today at U.S. Artificial Grass, we’re here to help.

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