Ideas for Artificial Grass Pathways

Pathways serve as more than simply a route from one area of your property to another; they are also an important landscaping element. Pathways, for instance, can support your artificial grass installation. They then split the landscape aesthetically. Additionally, they link focal areas while simultaneously emphasizing them. Finally, walkways guide visitors to walk in a specific direction.

How Do Pathways Differ From Walkways?

It’s common practice for landscapers to distinguish between walkways and paths. On the one hand, consider pathways to be strictly professional. They want to make it easier for people to walk from point A to point B. As a result, they frequently use firm pavement materials and choose direct routes.

Pathways, on the other hand, are more enjoyable. They are often constructed out of informal and rustic materials. Additionally, natural spaces like gardens frequently include walkways. For residential artificial turf lawns, they are typically the same. For instance, your pathway may cross your garden while also leading from that space to the patio.

The most well-liked alternative for backyards and lawns is stone walkways. This is why:

  • Enhance the safety, sturdiness, and endurance of an artificial landscape.
  • Adds a natural hardscape component to artificial grass.
  • It may be arranged into a variety of forms, including symmetrical and asymmetrical ones.
  • Provides exceptional grip when wet, making them a terrific choice for outdoor flooring in all conditions.
  • Almost entirely maintenance-free.
  • Can easily be mixed and matched with different artificial grass edging.

Pathway And Walkway Ideas for Artificial Turf

Artificial Stone Pathway

This kind of pathway uses faux stone or imprinted concrete. Simply insert artificial grass between each piece to soften it. The joints on this one are frequently close together and parallel, making them a perfect choice if you like symmetry. 

Smooth Pathway

Flagstone that is smooth reduces the possibility of tripping and falling, especially when wet. It’s also simple to power wash. Because it has clean, distinct straight lines that easily match with neighboring pieces, this type of stone lays exceptionally nicely. There are thus few joints that installers would need to mortar fill.

Additionally, those margins are ideal for lining with colorful artificial turf. Iron-oxide red to light, moss green and other hues are among the most popular.

Brick Paver Walkway

These types of walkways are not only solid but long-lasting. This creates a safe walkway for your guests. You can create different styles of patterns, align the walkway with a border, or even have it seamlessly transition from a brick paver walkway to a concrete sidewalk.

There are many benefits to making the switch to artificial grass. Adding a pathway or walkway to your artificial lawn has never been easier. We can help you make the best choices for your artificial landscape. Contact U.S. Artificial Grass at (800) 674-TURF. No matter the artificial grass project, we have the experts and resources to give you support and direction.

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