How To Take Care Of Your Artificial Grass Crew

We cannot express to you enough how important it is to make your artificial grass crew a top priority in your business. Each employee should feel like an important, valued member instead of just another worker. The results of implementing this simple step can benefit your business in the short and long term. You will find that when you take care of your artificial grass crew you’ll be retaining your best employees and they will take care of your customers.

Start with small goals like maintaining a clean and professional work environment for employees to conduct business on a day-to-day basis. If needed, contract a housekeeping service to maintain the workplace and a detail service to keep work vehicles tidy. This will also help your employees to appreciate a clean and organized work environment. Employees are likely to be more productive in an organized workplace instead of a cluttered one.

Open Communication

Encourage an open-door policy. Employees should be able to feel that they can approach their managers to discuss problems or conflicts in the workplace. Check-in with your employees on a regular basis to provide encouragement and constructive criticism so they can continue doing what they’re excelling in and improve in any areas where it’s needed. To minimize misunderstandings, ensure that all employees know the hierarchy of command in the office, so everyone is clear on who reports to whom. Encouraging open communication helps employees feel heard and helps problem solve any issues that may be going on. This way everyone can enjoy a good work environment.

Advancement Opportunities

Some people were born to lead and others enjoy being led. However, for the ones that have the itch for advancement, it’s important to provide those positions as they show they’re ready for that task. Your crew member is more likely to give their best when advancement opportunities exist and they can see a bright future within your artificial grass business. If an employee has been working hard and is ready for advancement their eyes will be looking at other companies if one isn’t available to them in their current workplace. It’s hard for someone with a heart to grow to be working day-in-and-day-out in a position that offers no chance to excel or advance. Give employees opportunities to expand their knowledge in the artificial grass world. Keep them up-to-date with advanced technology, educational courses, and by providing them with updated training materials. Promote from within your artificial grass business whenever possible to encourage hard work and company loyalty from employees.


Have monthly appreciation/recognition events for your artificial grass crew. You can do things like employee-of-the-month awards or annual award ceremonies, to recognize employees who excel and give more than necessary to everyday job duties. Everyone loves feeling appreciated. An employee is more likely to take pride in their job and feel valued by the company when individual achievements are recognized and celebrated. If your crew is small maybe just start with doing a monthly appreciation lunch or dinner and share the wins. Keep the dinner focused on the positive side and try to point out what area each individual has done well in.


We can give pats on the back all day but in the end, the proof is through your actions. Make employee benefits the key to employee retention. Show you value your artificial grass crew by providing paid time off as well as necessities such as medical insurance and dental plans. We know you can’t start out your business offering the moon but take small steps as your business grows. Eventually, you may be able to offer retirement plans such as 401k’s with employer-matched contributions to show your employees how you take care of them. Your artificial grass crew will feel that you’re not only interested in workers’ current needs, but in helping provide a secure retirement.


Have fun with it and set aside gatherings where you can get to know your artificial grass crew. Plan opportunities such as holiday parties and company picnics throughout the year for employees to relax and bond with co-workers outside the workplace. Encourage employees to bring their spouses and children to gatherings. This creates a warm and inviting feeling to your crew that you value their family connections.

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