How To Select An Artificial Turf Installer

Now that you’re ready to make the switch to artificial grass, you’ll need to take the next big step… selecting your artificial turf installer! This is a huge decision because it determines the quality of your installation. To find the right artificial turf installer there are some important things you’ll need to look for. Below we’ll go over how to select an artificial grass installer for your residence or place of business.

Research the Company

The artificial grass market has been expanding swiftly, and some people have attempted to steal clients from reputable, seasoned installers by lowering their costs and making promises of quicker project completion times.

In actuality, these individuals frequently lack knowledge, utilize inferior materials, and miss their scheduled installation dates. Before requesting estimates, make sure to do some research on various artificial grass suppliers.


  • How long has the company been in business?
  • How many homes similar to yours have they installed artificial grass on?
  • Are they a trusted retailer for the grass manufacturer?
  • Are they a certified installation for the producer of the grass, if not a recognized dealer?

These are crucial details to be aware of before choosing which businesses to call to generate estimates for your project.

Read Reviews On Several Platforms

Customer testimonials are regularly among the top resources for learning about the responsiveness, dependability, and caliber of a business. Look for unbiased evaluations of the artificial grass businesses you are thinking about hiring on places like Google and Yelp. An artificial grass business almost always provides positive testimonials on its website. However, online consumer reviews for businesses typically present a more accurate image.

Ask your neighbor about their installation if you’ve been admiring their artificial grass lawn, a backyard putting green, a dog run area, or turf surrounding their pool. The most effective referrals are frequently those that are based on an installation you have loved.

Quality Turf Products

An inferior product cannot be compensated for by an expert turf installer. Make certain that the technician you select is installing the best artificial grass. Unlike the matted, spikey plastic of a few decades ago, high-quality synthetic turf resembles real grass. Make sure that your installer includes product samples and the manufacturer’s name in their quote.

To evaluate the quality and reputation of the product in addition to the samples, research the manufacturer online. Inquire with your installer about the variations between the stated items and other products on the market. They must be able to describe the particular advantages of each product and the rationale behind its recommendation for your installation.

Fair Pricing

Almost any sort of home improvement job can have wildly varying cost estimates. Make careful to obtain many quotes from businesses you have determined to have a solid reputation, solid warranties, and high-quality items.

Once you get the quotes, go over them to make sure they are essentially offering the same job and product quality, then figure out the typical cost. Any quote that is materially different from the average price, whether greater or lower, ought to be treated with at least some suspicion. Rarely does a high quote translate into installation quality above average.

On the other hand, inexpensive quotations frequently indicate a low-quality installation. You may use our cost estimators to get a better idea of pricing and discover more about the price of installing artificial grass.


Two different warranties—one from the artificial grass installer covering their installation services and another from the product’s manufacturer covering the product—should be included with every turf installation.

A 15-year limited warranty should be offered by the company you go with. Depending on the type and caliber of artificial grass placed, manufacturer warranties can last anywhere from five to twenty years; the longer the guarantee, the more robust the material and superior the manufacturing caliber.

A “lifetime warranty” and such ridiculous claims should be avoided. The greatest products on the market should last 20 to 25 years for artificial turf. The likelihood of a company remaining in business long enough for you to file a claim is low for those who give warranties that go beyond the anticipated product lifespan.

Have more questions? Our trained technicians have years of experience and have reviews to back up our work. Be sure to get an estimate from us at U.S. Artificial Grass.

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