How to Choose Pet Friendly Artificial Turf

When it comes to your pets, you don’t want to accept anything but the best, and that includes the turf that they’re walking around on. While some forms of artificial turf aren’t particularly suited to pets, others are perfect for keeping pets healthy. If you are a dog owner and are considering using synthetic grass in a dog run or for your lawn, you are probably wondering just how pet-friendly artificial turf is or how it holds up to frequent use.


Drainage is a critical aspect of artificial turf for dogs. Good backing and base help direct urine away from your yard and reduce bad smells. Search for a dependable, permeable base material. It should be able to keep the synthetic grass backing apart from the soil adequately and have built-in tunnels to draw moisture out of your yard.

Pile Height

Artificial turf comes with different pile heights, which refers to the height of the blades of grass. For agility, you’ll want a pile that gives dogs plenty of grip without being too deep. 


Artificial grass blades come in diverse heights, thicknesses, and textures to deliver various levels of beauty, comfort and function. For pet runs, consider a combination of curly blades and short straight blades for a surface that looks and feels natural for those happy paws. In terms of material, nylon is a good choice.


Aside from being a safe, low-maintenance option that is easy to clean and requires no chemicals, there are plenty of other reasons to choose artificial pet turf. Pet owners who have had to scrub muddy paw prints out of their carpet, mop their floors multiple times during wet weather, or take the time to wipe their dog’s paws every time they come inside are sure to appreciate the mud-free environment of synthetic turf.

If you are interested in having pet turf installed in your yard, get a free estimate today! We will make sure you have an artificial grass pet area that your family and beloved dog will enjoy.

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