How Durable Is Artificial Grass?

Homeowners choose artificial grass for several reasons. It looks and feels like natural grass while adding value to their home. Secondly, there is very little maintenance and the reduced need for water saves money. One of the most important reasons has to do with its durability. Natural grass is pretty, but it can be pretty delicate when faced with an active family. Kids and pets can wreak havoc, causing damage that is less than attractive and tough to repair. Even the most rambunctious family can’t wear holes or flat spots into artificial grass.

The type of artificial turf will determine its durability. For example, lighter weight turf that is used in landscaping and for decorative purposes will normally be less durable because it isn’t intended for use in high traffic areas or anywhere that a pet could possibly damage it. Artificial turf that is designed to be used in playgrounds, putting greens and animal areas will be manufactured to the highest standards because of its intended purpose.

Beyond its ability to fend off wear and tear, artificial grass won’t fade or stain, either. During the manufacturing process, the synthetic fibers are infused with UV stabilizers that prevent fading. The grass is also non-absorbent, so it won’t stain when it comes in contact with fluids. Spills happen. However, fake grass is easy to clean, and there are simple steps home owners can take to protect their grass from caustic compounds.   

How Long Will Artificial Grass Last?

The amount of time that your synthetic turf will last depends on how you use it. High traffic areas or spaces that are used for sports will look worn more quickly, whereas a garden lawn with low level usage will last much longer. This isn’t to say that artificial grass represents less of a positive investment for areas of high traffic. Artificial grass is much more hardwearing than natural grass, and will remain in great condition for a long time after conventional turf would appear worn or damaged. Additionally, the individual blades are sewn onto the permeable latex backing so you won’t get bald or muddy patches that can appear on a real lawn.

Because it is so durable and because there are not uneven patches of grass, this type of yard will last significantly longer than natural grass. As a general rule, you can expect your synthetic lawn to last an average of 20 years. The grass is designed to be UV resistant, so the color of the blades do not fade. The material, (polypropylene, polyethylene or polyamide yarns) is resistant to damage and eco-friendly. It also happens to be very resilient and flexible. This is why it maintains its shape, springing back to life after each use. proper care and maintenance will ensure long life for many years to come.

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