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Golf Putting Greens

You know that you might be a far better golfer if you could only practice a bit more. If only there were a manner in which to sneak in practice time in small fragments: before and right after work while waiting for supper to cook, that one free hour that you often have on a Sunday afternoon. The solution, naturally, is to set up a personal putting green.

Before you disagree about the area, price or maintenance, consider the benefits and drawbacks of the two key options for personal putting greens:

— All-natural putting green grass must be irrigated and also cut many times weekly and needs fertilizers, pest control, as well as intermittent rolling.
— Natural grass is reasonably economical to install.
— Artificial putting greens are a bit costlier to put in.
— Artificial turf is a lot easier to take care of than actual grass.
— Artificial greens utilize much less water simply because they never have to be watered.
— An artificial putting green installment is not just limited to the great outdoors.


Although the initial expense of a natural, green can be lower than that of an artificial one, it is definitely going to set you back a lot more down the road because of the time and money spent on irrigation as well as upkeep. Additionally, if you have the space for it, there’s absolutely nothing more comfortable than an indoor, artificial green for use throughout the year.

If you are handy, you can acquire eco-friendly, recycled artificial grass and install it by yourself, therefore saving some funds up front. If you pick this option, ensure that you are working with a credible supplier that certifies their product as being devoid of lead. A good dealer will also supply detailed, easy-to-follow directions and some support about what product line to buy.

An artificial putting green is one of those things that seems like an extravagance but is easily attainable. You won’t regret installing one inside or outside your home.