Get The Most Out Of Your Artificial Turf Referrals

Most artificial turf business owners would agree that the best marketing is word-of-mouth advertising. If you’re taking care of your clients and offering a great service that leaves a positive impression then word-of-mouth comes naturally.

Your Work Does The Work For You

The three most common ways to ask for referrals are incentives for your clients, incentives your field crews; and providing excellent customer service, so you don’t have to ask for referrals from your customers—they just come naturally.

If you’re a sales rep doing a walk-through with the client, just ask them if they have any neighbors or family members needing landscaping services. Then offer them an incentive for referring someone that decides to go with your artificial turf business for their synthetic grass needs. Exceeding your customers’ expectations, paying attention to details, and going the extra mile for your clients make asking for reviews or asking for referrals come as a natural part of doing business.

It’s important for you to encourage your field crew to create the finest looking landscape on the street. Properties with the best-looking lawn on the street are the ones admired by everyone that drives by. Offer incentives to your field crew to get them accomplishing that on every job. You’ll soon start seeing the inquiries roll in from the completed jobs they’ve seen.

The first step to getting a positive review is you need to provide quality work. When you give five-star service, then you shouldn’t have to ask for any referrals. Your customers will be naturally be motivated to send you new clients to grow your business. They feel proud to share the good service with their friends and family. It’s a no brainer. 

The Right Client

What is your specialty? Residential, commercial, or both? Discovering what part of the artificial turf industry is important. It will help you find out who your prime client is and help you perfect your niche. Once you find out what type of client is ideal for you then start networking in groups where your potential clients will be found. Doing this will help you find good customers and possibly generate more referrals.

When you complete a job and ask for referrals from your customer that is already your ideal client it becomes highly likely that they refer more ideal customers that fit your type The key is to be good at landscaping to get those niche referrals.

Empowering Your Field Crews

Have your field crew offer an incentive for your customers when they putt together a review that’s more than just clicking five stars. For example if your crew member is intentional about leaving a name with their customer and specifically asks for a Google Review. Then if the customer responds and mentions the technician by name, the customer gets a $25 gift card and your crew member gets a $50 bonus. The goal is to give incentives to your crew based on the customer’s ratings. As your company grows, empower your crews and sales team to get those positive reviews, post them online, and watch your artificial turf business grow.

Relationship Building

Developing a great relationship with your client is so important. Have a good system in place to check in with your customers during the process and to follow up after to find out how they’re enjoying the artificial turf and if they’re having any issues. Also, have a system in place for when a problem arises. Your field crew should be fully aware of how to handle a situation when something goes wrong. Believe it or not, you can still get a five-star review even when a problem arises. It’s all in the way you handle it. Make sure they’re heard and taken care of. 

Be personable! A company gets a five-star rating when customers are referring to a great experience with specific people in the company. Be sure they know you by name. Ask how their day is going. Don’t make it just all about the service you’re offering. Make it easy for customers to contact you. Offer a call, text, or live chat. This way you’re offering an option that meets their favorite way to communicate. When you get a positive review do a follow-up call and thank them for it. Showing you appreciate them opens the door for them to share your service beyond just a review. 

Be a part of a community to build strong relationships. Contributing to a charity is another positive way to bring in new clients. Supporting a Little League team or donating time or services to make someone else’s life better has its own rewards, but can also provide informal networking opportunities with clients who share the same interests. Doing this builds your reputation and will encourage more referrals.

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