Games To Play on Artificial Grass

Compared to a real grass surface, artificial grass has a number of advantages, which greatly contribute to its expanding popularity. Artificial grass has become rather popular due to it requiring less maintenance, it’s safer, economical, realistic-looking, long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and has non-allergenic properties. 

Artificial grass is highly valued by homeowners but is also popular for other uses like professional sports fields, educational institutions, and leisure facilities.

Artificial grass is ideal for outdoor activities with friends and family. Both children and adults are able to play a variety of activities, providing hours of enjoyment and exercise.

Here is a list of several enjoyable games you may play on artificial grass:

Artificial Turf Putting Green


A putting green made of artificial grass provides a golf course-like feel. Golf fans can play with their families or spend their free time practicing different strokes. Artificial grass putting greens may be easily tailored to meet any shape, size, skill level, or terrain.

Bocce Ball

Traditionally, bocce ball is played on a surface made of sand or concrete. However, a level, clean, strong, long-lasting, and rectangular artificial grass field provides the ideal playing surface all year round. It enables the players to do the motions and have fun without being concerned about bounce, dips, or holes.

Another advantage is that even after extensive usage, the installation won’t break easily or show signs of wear and tear because it resembles a landscape design element rather than a bocce ball court.


On artificial grass, pickleball is the ideal game for players of all ages to enjoy. The number of people practicing this sport, which combines badminton, tennis, and ping pong, has skyrocketed. A pickleball court may be easily and affordably added to the property, and the surface is softer than the typical playing surfaces of concrete or floorboard. With artificial grass, you can play pickleball with your family or friends without having to worry about mowing the lawn.


It doesn’t take any particular skills to play cornhole, which is a perfect outdoor game that has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. To play cornhole with a group of pals or at the upcoming family gathering, construct a set or get one from a store. The game is difficult to play on the sand or natural grass surfaces because it needs a level area for the cornhole board to stay in place.

Artificial grass provides a level playing field to guarantee fair competition. The danger of harm is reduced since it dries rapidly after rain and is neither slick nor slippery.

Water Games

Kids can play various water sports on artificial grass, including water relays, water balloon fights, and slip-and-slides. Since artificial turf drains quicker it lowers the possibility of getting filthy or hurt since it does not produce muddy pools. Additionally, it lessens the anxiety associated with surface damage and clean-up after play.

You can also play sports like football, tennis, Jenga, obstacle course, and frisbee on artificial grass.

To create a lively environment at your home, hire professionals! We can help you make indoor or outdoor plans to install synthetic turf to play various sports on. Get in touch with us for your artificial grass installation service. Contact us today at (800) 674-TURF.

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