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We specialize in all types of synthetic grass products, from pet turf to sports parks. We are in Tampa, Florida to help you every step of the way. We have a wide variety of synthetic grass products to fit any need. Start saving precious time and valuable money! Our synthetic turf provides incredible savings and a gorgeous look to any project. We are committed to providing our customers with a top quality turf at the lowest prices.

Not only is artificial turf greener, it also has a lot of other qualities that make it a popular substitution for authentic grass.Artificial turf stays beautifully green all year while eliminates the use of potentially harmful pesticides and fertilizers and significantly decreasing maintenance costs. As a supplier of synthetic turf in Tampa, Florida we provide the highest quality artificial turf for homeowners, commercial businesses, and installers at prices that can fit any budget. Our synthetic grass is engineered to look and feel like real grass.

We want to make your synthetic turf shopping experience as easy as possible. Our customer service and prices will surpass all competition. Our goal is to get you the best value for your investment on your artificial grass purchase. If you’re interested in saving money, conserving water, and minimizing maintenance, artificial grass may be the option you are seeking.

Synthetic Turf Applications


Remove the sweat, put the lawnmower away, and take back your weekends. An synthetic grass investment gives you time to enjoy the important things in life. With rising costs of mowing, fertilizer, sod, water, and other expenses synthetic turf puts your money back where it belongs – in your wallet. When you install synthetic grass, you can expect great savings on your water bills, and assurance that you’re saving water for future generations. Homeowners in Tampa can enjoy the beauty and precision of artificial turf without having to pay for landscaping maintenance or spending their weekends doing it.


Artificial turf is the perfect solution for commercial landscapes. Our synthetic grass installers in Tampa, Florida are experienced, local pros that take joy in their work. Our grass has been used in hotels, playgrounds and golf greens, anywhere you may need a low maintenance lawn, inside and out. Having synthetic turf installed can save your company thousands of dollars on maintenance and increase your curb appeal. With years of experience giving professional synthetic grass installation; You can rest assured that you are working with the best installers in Florida.


We offer synthetic grass installation for sports areas in Tampa, Florida. If you have a sports-related business or you need to prepare a great place to train with your friends, we are here to help. We are offering professional synthetic turf installation services for sports fields all across Florida, and we are ready to help you transform that beautiful lawn into a sports extravaganza. Artificial grass is best for Football, Soccer, Baseball, Golf, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, and Tennis to mention only a few. Our professional team of installers will install the synthetic grass and make sure that everything will look natural for every single sport.


U.S. Artificial Grass believes that everyone should have access to great quality and affordable artificial grass. To make that happen, we deliver an unbeatable combination of top quality synthetic grass products, expert installation services, and excellent customer service to homeowners and businesses. Artificial turf has improved tremendously over the last ten years and today’s synthetic turf closely mimics natural grass in appearance and touch. We supply and install the most beautiful artificial grass products available on the market to give your landscape a natural and long-lasting appeal.
15 Year Limited Warranty


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