Does Your Artificial Grass Business Need A Website?

Times are changing fast and it’s important for businesses to adapt to the evolving technologies in the digital era. For instance, no one is reaching for those thick yellow pages, instead, it’s been replaced with online directories and recommendations from their online network. Everyone uses the internet to find local businesses near them.  Therefore, if you want to grow your artificial grass business you need to be in front of the right audience and found online – which means you need a website. If you’re still not convinced, keep reading.

Your Customers Expect It

Your customers expect you to have a website to find more information about your service. Your website can help answer questions that your potential customers may have like: what types of artificial grass you install, what kind of warranty you offer, or how long it last. It can also show off your previous work that you’ve done.  Think of it this way, your website has an opportunity to reach potential customers 24 hours, 365 days in a year!

Offers Social Proof

Customer behavior is driven mostly by what others have to say about your artificial grass business. Your brand may be rated 5-star on review sites like Yelp however, people expect to see your website to get more information about your service and to find out what others are saying about you. Customer testimonials are important to have not only on sites like Yelp but also on your website. It’s a great way to let them know that you have experience and that you offer top-notch customer service.

Write Your Story

You can’t control what everyone is saying about you. You can do everything in your power to give the best customer experience but you will always get that one person that will find something wrong. This is why it’s important to influence your brand perception by writing your own story on your website. Choose testimonials that talk about overcoming a challenge or that had a seamless experience. Don’t choose ones that all sound the same. Have a section on your website that emphasizes how you take care of your customers. People want to know that you have their back even when problems arise. When it comes to communicating to the world about your service, vision, and mission… your website can do that best. It’s far more efficient than print ads or brochures. If you don’t have a website then you’re missing out on potential customers daily.

Your Website Does The Work

Optimizing your artificial grass website helps you be in front of thousands of more potential consumers without spending too much money. It can help you get in front of your target audience which will increase the chance of a sale. Once that potential customer finds your website most of their questions will be answered. They’ll get to read testimonials, frequently asked questions, and find out exactly how to contact you. Lastly, all you’re left with is wrapping up the sale.

Website Adds To Company’s Credibility

More than 50% of smartphone users discover a new business while searching on their smartphones. Not having a website can damage your credibility. According to a study, 75% of online users accepted to judge a company’s credibility based on its website’s design. In the end, people are likely to engage with a company they can trust, and the website is the stepping stone towards building that relationship. Having an artificial grass business helps potential customers know you’re serious about the service you offer. 

Compete With The Other Guys

Did you know that having a website gives you a fair chance to compete with the big dogs? If your website is optimized for the area you service, it can rank higher then the other guys and get you in the right place at the right time. This means you don’t need to dominate the Internet, you just need to make sure you’re in front of the people that you can potentially service. 

Social Media + Website

Being present on social media is super important but social media alone is not enough to attract new customers. You can’t just have a Facebook page because every other business has it. It’s true that they may come across your social media page but people who are really interested in your service are looking for more information. This is where your website steps in. You need to give them a place where they can find more information about your artificial grass business. Social media is basically like the billboard and your website is your storefront. 

Your Website Works Overtime

Your website never closes so it’s open for information all the time every day, offering all the information needed to produce a sale. So whether someone visits your website in the middle of the night or during the day while you’re doing an install, your store is open for answering questions and offering an important information. Being accessible at all times supports marketing and increases sales dramatically. It also is a step toward effective customer service and relationship building.

Stand Out

It cannot be stressed enough that your website is the first interaction of your potential customer with your artificial grass business. How you portray your business is totally in your control. Stay updated! Feature short video tutorials and articles on how easy it is to maintain artificial grass. You can also highlight your awards or include a section of other businesses you’ve worked with. Giving people more information increases the average time your customers spend on your website which may influence their decision to contact you.

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