Different Types of Edging for Artificial Grass

It’s critical to comprehend what edging is and appreciate its significance when examining the total installation procedure for artificial grass. In addition to serving as a limit for the foundation materials, an artificial grass edging system also offers a point of anchorage for the whole artificial grass perimeter.

When installing an edge system for your grass, there are many things to take into account, such as the budget, the artificial lawn’s intended use, and the environment. If you are at this stage of installing artificial grass, please continue reading to learn about some of the many varieties of edging that are available. Understanding the various types better will enable you to build the perimeter that you require.

Pavers for Edging

This low-maintenance alternative still enables aesthetic appeal. Paving stones are strong and beautiful, and you can use them in many different situations.

Wood Chips for Edging

This option is available to anyone seeking a natural appearance. We advise constructing a strong line of edging between the grass and wood chips or bark since some people dislike the concept of them finding their way onto the yard.

Bendable Borders for Edging

Bendable borders can be the solution if you’re seeking a durable, reasonably priced option. They are not only inexpensive, but we have them in stock at our warehouse and most home improvement retailers carry them as well. Furthermore, virtually anybody can complete the installation procedure because it is so simple.

Logs or Wood for Edging

You may use this kind of edging in other scenarios as well, but we advise it for artificial grass with a straight-edge design.

Curbing for Edging

Although this is a common and attractive choice for edging, you must be certain that this is the course you want to take. Curbing is a long-term solution that makes it difficult to readily change the contour of your lawn or landscaping.

Railroad Ties for Edging

Many people have employed this well-liked alternative throughout the years, and it offers the same range of landscaping and edging functions as paving stones. Railroad ties may be trimmed to fit any area or space required. If necessary, many people utilize them to construct their lawns before adding artificial grass.

We are aware that there are numerous alternatives available, but a specialist can help you make the best choices for your lawn. To select the best choice for you, consider the alternatives above and learn more about various artificial grass edging kinds. For the best grass installation and advice, contact U.S. Artificial Grass at (800) 674-TURF. No matter the artificial grass project, we have the experts, know-how, and resources to give you support and direction.

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