Can Artificial Grass Increase Your Property Value?

Whether you’re a real estate agent or homeowner, when the time comes to sell, you’ll want to know exactly how to demonstrate the advantages of artificial grass to prospective buyers. A lush green lawn saves money, time, water, and is environmentally friendly. You may be asking yourself does artificial grass increase property value?

Property Value

The perks of artificial grass on lifestyle, maintenance time and cost, and the environment are among the more well known advantages. A spike in home value is something that every homeowner should add to that list. Artificial turf can increase your resale value by providing great curb appeal and a low maintenance option for your buyer. Money Magazine‘s story on home renovations, as well as Penn State’s Department of Landscape Architecture, agree that a well done landscaping job is the best way to improve a home’s resale value. When people think of remodeling their home to improve it’s value, they rarely think of landscaping with artificial grass. The first few remodels that come to mind are a new kitchen, a new bathroom, or new swimming pool. Homeowners are beginning to look more towards the expanding industry of artificial grass to invest in their home.

Aesthetic Value

When trying to sell your house, artificial grass will not only add direct value to your home, but will play an aesthetic role in the selling of your home for real estate agents and home buyers. When two houses are virtually the same in all other aspects, the one with more curb appeal will sell faster. Artificial grass can increase the perceived square footage of a lawn and add to your house’s usable area.

Improved Curb Appeal

When properties are listed for sale, great curb appeal is what brings potential buyers in the door. We’ve noted that artificial grass gives a big boost to your home’s everyday curb appeal. If your place looks that great on the outside, surely the interior is a must-see as well. If first impressions can last a lifetime, then curb appeal can make a big difference in how your home is perceived. Just as a home’s interior is painted and staged to entice buyers and show them the home’s potential, a well-manicured front lawn can offer the same benefits at your first open house.

Lower Costs & Maintenance

While installing artificial grass is an upfront investment, the money saved over 10 years is well worth it. There is no more mowing, lawn equipment upkeep, or yard services to pay. You will not need to buy as many chemicals because you won’t need weed killer, fertilizer or as many pesticides. Another reason that buyers are willing to pay more for a home with synthetic grass is due to maintenance benefits. Modern homeowners know the benefits of synthetic grass, from its reduced water bills to its significantly lower maintenance requirements. These advantages could motivate a buyer to offer more for the home, since it offers them more value than a home with high-maintenance natural grass. Lack of lawn maintenance and lower utilities could likely be a major selling point, allowing you to sell your home faster and for a higher price than you would with dry, dead grass. Even if you don’t plan to sell right away, the immediate value of artificial grass helps homeowners achieve a full return on investment after just two years on average.

Time Savings

A home is more than a place to store your stuff and sleep. It’s the center of your life, indoors and outdoors. Artificial grass relieves you of traditional lawn maintenance chores and the associated time and expense. It requires just a little bit of effort, now and then. You’re free to spend all the time you save doing more at-home living, in more enjoyable ways. It’s hard to put a value on that because, truthfully, your time is priceless.

And it’s not just lawn we’re talking about . . .

More and more homeowners who love golf are discovering the true joy of having a backyard putting green. Artificial grass makes that possible, with specially-designed turf. Adding a putting green and related accessories not only makes it easy to practice putting and chipping to improve your short game, it boosts your score in landscape appearance and further increases overall property value, too.  

 In Conclusion

From enhanced functionality to increased aesthetic value, there are many reasons why homeowners love synthetic turf. However, artificial turf isn’t just an aesthetic benefit for those living in the house; it’s also a huge financial benefit for the homeowner when it comes time to sell. Artificial grass landscaping, due to its numerous visual and functional benefits, can increase your property value and help you earn more for your home than you spent on the synthetic turf installation.

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