Business Tips for New Artificial Turf Owners in 2020

Problem Solve For Your Client

An important business tip for new artificial turf owners is to solve problems for your clients. Be intentional about asking what issues they’re currently having with their landscape. The problem that you solve doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be something simple like adding extra turf where the dog run is located. Ultimately, you may solve a problem that your client wasn’t even considering having fixed until you presented them with the question. In the end, you have an over satisfied customer and will reap the benefits from it with awesome reviews and referrals. 

Obsess Over Client Needs

One of the most common complaints in customer reviews is from unmet needs. If a customer doesn’t get the service or product they were expecting, their needs won’t be met, and they’ll feel dissatisfied. The most important business tip when it comes to managing customer relations is to always empathize with your client. When you take the time to hear what they’re really trying to say, it’s easier to not be offended by their complaints. After all said and done, you’ll work on coming to a resolution that meets their needs and leaves your client feeling heard. By doing this, you open the doors to a happier customer even if they were upset with their initial experience.

Focus on Profit over Revenue

Most artificial turf owners are focused on revenue. Your total sales may look awesome but after your expenses it may not look too green. You’ll often find that profit is much more important than revenue because it’s what you’re walking away with. Sure you made $400,000 in revenue but if your profit is only $10,000 you have to ask yourself where you need to make adjustments. Make the switch to transition from thinking about revenue to thinking about profit. The more profit you have, the more money you have to reinvest in your business, employees, and your own success. As an artificial turf owner, you get paid last. Your startup expenses need to be paid first. So you’ll want to make sure you’re making more than enough money to treat yourself too.

Start With What’s Familiar Then Expand

Amazon didn’t start as the everything store. It started as a simple bookstore and slowly expanded into toys and other products. Slow and steady wins the race. If you start out trying to do it all like servicing more areas than you can handle, then your business is at higher risk to closing. One of the most important business tips is to start with what you’re familiar with. Starting with what you know can help you to perfect that part of your business. I’m sure you are more familiar with residential needs oppose to commercial. Don’t try to tackle both until you’re ready to expand. You’ll be glad you waited until you were ready. 

Focus on employee morale

The secret to having a successful artificial turf business is building a productive team. To achieve that, you need happy employees. Take time to show that you appreciate them. Celebrate the wins together as a team. Most first time business owners focus so much on being the boss and forget about what helps employees work hard. Your employees want to feel appreciated, heard, and know that they’re on the right track. If you find yourself constantly criticizing people for not doing it your way, you’ll often find that team performance will drop. The most important business tip when it comes to managing employees is to make them happy. Because if you do that, they’ll be more willing to help you meet or exceed your goals.

Be Aware of Your Competitors’ Moves

Believe it or not but your competitors are watching your moves. We all learn from each other what works and what doesn’t. The key is to be aware of your competitors’ next moves so you can remain at the top. I’m not saying to obsess over your competitors but to just be aware. Which products and services do they offer? How do they market their brand? How do they price their products and services? How do they treat their customers? What are their customers saying about them? You need to find out every little detail in the early stages so that you know what to do differently and how to do it better. If you get a lot of clients complaining about a specific turf that you offer be sure to reevaluate why you should continue offering it to your customers. The goal is to do well in what your competitors are missing the mark on.

Start Somewhere

The last business tip for new artificial business owners is to simply start somewhere. Stop overthinking, stop questioning whether you’re making the right moves, and just take that step to start somewhere. New business owners can sometimes hold back their own success by not taking the first step. You will make mistakes, you will face some obstacles but this is where the learning happens and this is where you make the necessary changes needed for your business. The goal isn’t to win the award of perfection. The goal is to build a successful business that meets the needs of your customers. The sooner you launch it, the more people you can make happy. 

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