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The reason it’s called a playground is that it’s where endless play happens for kids. However, playing hard often results in kids meeting the ground. Thanks to  U.S. Artificial Gras, our playground turf features additional cushioning to ensure safe landings. Our turf is softer, safer, and almost maintenance-free than mulch, sand, or natural grass.

Safety Comes First with Backyard Playgrounds

U.S. Artificial Grass was built with safety in mind. These systems have been utilized to effectively surface millions of square feet of commercial playgrounds thanks to our cushioning, antimicrobial infill, and other safety features. For your backyard playground, think about using our artificial grass if you want the assurance that comes with choosing a tried-and-true system.

Backyard Playground Benefits

  • Padded underlayment

  • Reduces allergic reactions

  • Drains quickly

  • Safer than playground mulch

  • Eliminates ongoing maintenance

  • Environmentally friendly

Low Maintenance

The use of artificial playground grass has several advantages. First of all, unlike real grass, it does not need water to survive, and there are no additional expenditures associated with landscaping. Costs associated with natural grass include labor (hiring landscapers), caring, trimming, and the use of chemicals to feed the soil and grass. These expenses are essentially eliminated with synthetic turf for playgrounds.

S A F E , E A S Y , F U N...
Building a better backyard playground for your kids!

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