Artificial Turf VS Hardscaping

Residents in drought-prone locations must choose between hardscaping and artificial turf when upgrading their homes. You may certainly strive to preserve your natural lawn. However, water restrictions across the country have almost made it impossible to afford to maintain natural grass. And no amount of water can ensure that it won’t wilt in the heat.

Alternatively, you could simply rip up your lawn and save a small patch of dirt. Unfortunately, dirt hurts curb appeal, which hurts the real estate market. Thus, your two best options are probably turf and hardscaping.

There are advantages to both now. However, only one solution provides a useful area for leisure and relaxation.

Artificial Grass Brings Your Landscape To Life

Artificial turf replicates the ageless appearance of natural grass using cutting-edge technology. The ultimate result is a product that is remarkably durable, hypoallergenic, and drought-friendly. In fact, quality synthetic grass can last 16-year guarantees! It takes kids that long to develop from infants to adults. Additionally, kids won’t have to be concerned about scraping or bruising themselves on jagged rocks thanks to a turf lawn.

Hardscapes Are Hard

Functionality is the primary distinction between hardscape and artificial turf. Yes, hardscaping might be aesthetically pleasing, but can it function as well as synthetic grass?

The answer is… No! Functional area for pleasure and enjoyment is provided by artificial turf. Because who wants to play football or throw a birthday celebration on rocks? Sorry, no thanks. That sounds like the beginning of a legal action against you.

The most popular sports in the world frequently employ turf as their preferred playing surface since it is soft and forgiving. In reality, artificial grass is being used in a lot of parks and sporting venues! Turf reduces the chance of injury by offering more padding to lessen stress on joints, muscles, and bones. So turf is a necessity for families with children!

Still Can’t Decide?

A balance of both artificial turf and hardscape is also an option. Many like the modern look of utilizing both in their backyard. The combination of the two allows you to add your own personal touch.

The Decision Isn’t Hard

Artificial grass improves backyard experiences outside of sports. Our fake grass is hypoallergenic, silky, and smooth. Don’t trust us? Check it out for yourself! We will send free samples of our grass right to your door since we are so confident in its quality. Contact us today at (800) 674-TURF.

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