Artificial Turf Playgrounds: Safe, Easy, & Fun

Wood chips and gravel scattered around beneath playgrounds and play areas is a nuisance to both homeowners and park administrators. Additionally, children don’t enjoy sliding down the slide and landing on scorching gravel or wood chips that give splinters. There has to be a better method to offer a low-maintenance, safe, shock-absorbent covering beneath play structures.

There is, thanks to improvements in artificial grass production technology! Artificial grass playgrounds offer a softer surface than concrete for hard landings and won’t produce the mess that gravel or wood chips do.

Artificial Turf Playgrounds Are Safe

People are starting to realize the need for safer playgrounds. Many have already switched to artificial grass on playgrounds in order to increase safety. Studies show that artificial turf is safer than grass, mulch, or rubber chips for playgrounds for a variety of reasons. 

SAFETY FROM TRIPS AND FALLS – If children fall or leap from the playground equipment, U.S. Artificial Grass offers optional cushioning to provide a comfortable landing area. Unlike mulch or sand, where each grain or chip might move and shift under children as they play, it is a uniform surface. When a child lands on artificial grass or runs across it, the ground won’t give way under them.

WITHSTANDS ALL WEATHER CONDITIONS – In the summer, rubber surfaces absorb heat better than artificial turf does. Additionally, artificial turf has drainage systems in place to guarantee that standing water is not a problem when it rains. It won’t harden or stiffen in colder weather like certain surfaces do, diminishing the safety and protection aspects. In general, artificial grass offers a higher level of protection than conventional surfaces for playground safety in all weather circumstances.

ANTIMICROBIAL PROPERTIES – Children are protected from hazardous bacteria with antimicrobial filling. The infill acts to inhibit the growth of microorganisms on the lawn in addition to removing smells. As a result, playgrounds with artificial grass may offer children the safest possible environment to play and run during their breaks from school.

Artificial Turf Playgrounds Are Easy

EASY CLEANING – Additionally, maintaining an artificial turf is simpler. Rinsing and cleaning the grass can be simple when it seems soiled, dingy, or has obvious stains. simply clearing the surface of particles with a hose. If extra cleaning and sanitizing are required, you can learn more about maintenance on our artificial turf guide.

Artificial Turf Playgrounds Are Fun

Get creative with artificial turf! You can do anything from adding a putting green, obstacle course or an inground trampoline. Not to mention the endless amount of fun games that can be played on artificial turf. The sky is the limit when it comes to utilizing artificial turf for playgrounds.

You’ll never have to worry about:

  • Grass allergies
  • Grass stains or dirt on your kids’ clothes
  • Tracked-in grass clippings or muddy shoes
  • Playing on natural grass that has been chemically treated

Children may run, play, jump, and even fall safely and consistently on artificial grass on a playground. It turns out that not all artificial turf alternatives for playgrounds are made equal. Let us help you find the right premium artificial grass for your playground to fit your budget. Contact us at (800) 674-TURF.

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