Artificial Grass For Nurseries And Schools

It’s understandable why artificial lawns are growing in popularity in schools and nurseries. They offer a comfortable, strong area that, weather allowing, may be utilized all year.

Even inside, it may be incorporated into a play area or storytelling area. It is not only soft and exciting for children, but it is also incredibly durable and simple to maintain. Parents as well as kids have provided us with a lot of nice comments about our prior artificial grass installations.

Here are some of the main reasons for the benefits of installing artificial lawns in schools and daycare facilities.

1. Safe surface to play on.

Artificial grass may be one of the safest surfaces for kids to play on when built with a shock pad layer. Children may play much more safely because to the unique shock cushion layer, which takes the impact of all trips and falls. No more scraped knees when playing, then!

TIP: It’s very beneficial to have near swings, chutes, and inground trampolines.

2. Promotes physical activity.

Nowadays, it’s practically typical for children to spend more time on technology and less time in nature. Installing artificial grass will encourage kids to play outside on a secure, long-lasting surface more frequently.

3. Drains fast following heavy rainfall.

After significant rain, real grass may take days to completely dry out. In contrast, artificial grass drains immediately due to the sub-base that helps to drain away the water. Therefore, you won’t have to stay indoors or avoid the grass any longer since it’s too muddy to play.

4. Looks amazing year-round.

Artificial grass has a lush, green appearance that will appeal to both adults and children. It’s gorgeous and comfortable underfoot in addition to having a fantastic appearance for your business.

5. Extremely durable in heavy traffic.

The artificial grass of high quality is rigorously tested to make sure it can endure considerable foot traffic. It should live for between 15 and 20 years (with the proper care and maintenance). It’s a fantastic investment for a nursery or school because of this!

6. Low artificial grass maintenance.

Compared to real grass and other outdoor surfaces, artificial grass requires a fraction of the care. Simply sweep up any leaves and other debris, then give your lawn a good mowing. If required, there are further procedures you can do to guarantee that your grass looks fantastic for a longer period of time.

Additionally, we advise having your chosen installation or professional do annual maintenance.

Considering installing artificial turf on school or nursery grounds? We’ve listed the top 6 reasons why turf can make a perfect area for kids, whether you can fundraise for it or appeal to your local authority. Do you have any inquiries regarding artificial grass for your daycare or school? Contact us at U.S. Artificial Grass at (800) 674-TURF.

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