Artificial Grass Dealer vs. Artificial Grass Distributor

If you’re an artificial grass installer you probably have heard the terms artificial grass dealer and artificial grass distributor. Here are some key differences between the two:

Definition of Dealer:

Dealers order specific goods, usually from distributors, and sell them at retail markets, thus they are sometimes referred to as retail distributors. In other words, dealers connect the distributor and costumers. The dealer is the middleman between the distributor of goods and the consumer. They are the authorized seller of those commodities in the particular area. However, a dealer can attract the customers of another dealer or a different area. In this way, there is a fierce competition between various dealers and they have to behave nicely to the customers to retain them for a long time. They can sell goods from different brands at an increased price than what had paid, making a huge profit margin. In simple words, a dealer is someone who is engaged in dealing with a particular product, buys it and then sells it off.

Definition of Distributor:

Distributors are independent selling agents, who sell specific goods mainly as wholesalers. They usually purchase goods directly from the manufacturers at wholesale price and sell it to the dealer. The distributor is an intermediary between the producer of the products and its dealers. They are the one who is responsible for supplying the goods in the whole market. He acts as an agent, in a way that they have a direct contact with the manufacturing entities. He purchases goods from those entities and sells the commodities on their behalf to various other parties etc. In general, they are appointed and authorized by the companies to sell their products in a particular area. Except the distributor, no other person has the right to sell that product in the specified area, so he is the only source for retailers and dealers to purchase that product. Distributors buy the merchandise from the company in bulk and sell them in small lots to other businesses and stores.

So, in summary:

Both dealers and distributors both deliver products, only the dealer sells to customers, while distributor to dealers. They also differ in terms of business models and financial engagement. US Artificial Grass was formed to address the market need for a top notch, highly distinguished authority industry leader to not only bring fully-tested, quality solutions to the marketplace but to also provide a network of installing contractors, equipped with proper tools and training to assist them in building more successful businesses around this high growth industry.

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