Artificial Grass Care Tools

When you go from your inconvenient natural grass to the simplicity, comfort, and constant beauty of an artificial grass lawn, you’ll be able to get rid of a lot of lawn maintenance gear. Artificial turf requires very little care, and sticking to a simple weekly maintenance program may make all the difference in keeping your artificial grass lawn looking great.

It’s critical to utilize the proper equipment when completing these minor maintenance activities. Here are a few helpful items that make maintaining your artificial grass lawn a breeze:

Artificial Grass Care Tool: Plastic Rake

Never use tools that have steel points or spikes for artificial grass maintenance. These tools can easily rip the mesh backing and cause permanent damage to your artificial grass lawn. Instead, use rakes with plastic points for easy leaf cleanup in the fall.

 Artificial Grass Care Tool: Electric Leaf Blower

Many of today’s electric leaf blowers offer just as much power as most gas-powered leaf blowers. They also make quick work of artificial grass debris clearing without the fumes and ear-blasting noise.

Artificial Grass Care Product: Eco-Friendly Cleaner

Sometimes artificial grass accumulates dirt, debris, or stains that need more than a simple hosing off. Some excellent options for stain removal are green cleaners containing no abrasive chemicals. Simply blot the stained area with a sponge dampened with your chosen eco-friendly cleaner. Rub the stain gently until it lifts and then rinse with cold water. Never use caustic, acidic cleaners, and certainly nothing containing bleach.

Artificial Grass Care Tool: Brush

You should also get a turf brush or broom with synthetic bristles when you have your artificial grass lawn built. Cross brush areas with a lot of foot activity using this brush. With prolonged usage, artificial grass can get trampled, but cross brushing can help it stand straight again and prevent fading or damage from misuse. Brushing fake grass blades might help to keep them in good shape. The matting that happens as a result of abuse can cause the blades to break down and change appearance over time. Cross brushing, on the other hand, can help to mitigate this damage while also extending the life and beauty of your artificial grass.

At U.S. Artificial Grass, we are you to assist you in every step of the installation process. Contact us at (800) 674-TURF and we’ll have one of our artificial turf specialists assist you with any concerns regarding artificial grass lawn upkeep and installation. We provide superior artificial grass care services delivered by skilled and qualified specialists using dependable and devoted maintenance equipment that frequently surpasses original specs and requirements.

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