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Having a gorgeous lawn, most of the time, remains a very elusive goal for the majority of homeowners. With artificial grass, that goal is a certainty. Artifical grass remains green all year long, so you can now say hello to a blemish-free lawn!


Studies show that harsh weather, like extreme heat or severe cold, will never hurt or destroy artificial turf. Artifical grass is really the best choice for any city in the United States regardless of  climate!


With artificial grass, you can have a lawn that you can easily utilize without concern of destroying it! It can withstand extremely heavy foot traffic, for instance, whenever children or animals use the yard, without it becoming loose or developing worn spots.



Through the years, artificial grass has come a very long way. This lawn-alternative is much more durable, and now very natural looking. And although individuals will typically say the


You know that you might be a far better golfer if you could only practice a bit more. If only there were a manner in which to sneak in practice time in small fragments: before and right after work


For years artificial grass has been replacing grass in athletic fields all around the world, Artificial turf athletic fields supply several perks and benefits that organic grass.


Playgrounds are very popular locations, and typically experience use every day, particularly if the play area is situated at a school. Artificial grass gives extraordinary support for this kind of high traffic


To accommodate unforgiving or erratic environments, many sports have shifted their fields inside, but indoor arenas present more difficulties for growing conventional grass.


If you reside on the very top floor of a building or have a residence with a flat rooftop, you could effortlessly put in the synthetic grass over conventional roofing products.

Got a flyer from US Artificial Grass in the mail and decided to call them to get a sample. After seeing the quality of the turf, we were amazed. We decided to get installed in our home and now everyone is asking us who we got it from. US Artificial Grass did an amazing job! Thank you!!!

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Pittsburgh, PA




Our exclusive synthetic fibers resist deterioration from microorganisms, rot, mildew, fungus, and even has a patent-pending technology to protect against ultraviolet radiation. We also offer 100 percent recyclable artificial grass that meets the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) requirements in ‘Green Building’ categories.

Go artificial! Lawn Pros artificial synthetic grass will look and feel real year-round, and our maintenance free lawns have a better appearance than any competitors. So why not go synthetic? Lawn Pros artificial synthetic grass will last ten to 15 years and comes with an eight year warranty.

We Are Your One Stop Shop For All Your Artificial Grass Needs For Both Residential And Commercial Properties

Find a Trusted US Artificial Grass Dealer


As far as USARTIFICIAL is concerned, you can be confident you are investing in a high-quality, 100% USA-made product. Our products are manufactured to a high standard of quality, which is why we can confidently say that our artificial grass has a life expectancy of approximately 20 to 25 years, depending on use.

Not at all. Our synthetic grass truly resembles natural grass. Not only does Synthetic Grass by Lawn Pros look real, but many of our grass products feel real! The fiber length ranges from 1″ to 2.5″ depending on the product.

No. We don’t use a topical UV treatment; our fibers have built-in UV Inhibitors that we mix into the fiber/yarn resin. Often, turf made outside of the USA will have insufficient UV protection that can cause the fibers to break down prematurely. All turf by Lawn Pros is made from the highest quality materials from our plants in the USA. We have projects that we installed in the late 1980s that have no discernible signs of fading. In rare instances we have found that Energy Efficient Windows can cause magnified reflections that may cause synthetic turf to melt if it is in the direct path of that reflection. The magnification from some Energy Efficient Windows is so powerful that it can melt sprinkler heads, kiddie pools and other plastics. Call the manufacture and ask them how to remedy this problem if you do have Energy Efficient Windows. Tinting the windows is usually sufficient.

An infill material (usually sand) is brushed into the top of the grass that adds to the weight of the installed grass and acts as a ballast. Additionally, the edges are pinned down with our 7″ non-corrosive spikes which are spaced approximately 3′ apart.

Yes, all artificial synthetic grass is warmer than natural grass in the sun, it just doesn’t have the natural cooling capacity of natural grass. It will not get as hot as beach sand, but it will be warmer than natural grass, which contains water. There’s always a trade-off for the benefits such as no mowing, no watering, no weeding, no chemical applications, easier dog clean up, no mud, etc. The only real trade-off is that the surface of synthetic grass will be hotter than natural grass. But, we have never had a complaint that it was so hot that it burned a person or pet. The darker green colored fiber absorbs more sun than our lighter shades of green. On really hot days, take these precautions: We recommend having at least one portion of your lawn area shaded for instant relief. If the temperature gets hot, it’s always nice to have a little relief area until it cools down again. Also, you can spray the artificial synthetic grass with water right before you play or walk on your synthetic grass on a really hot day. Additionally, you can always wear some type of footwear. Another thing that can be done to lower heat on artificial synthetic grass is adding a light color of approved silica sand or other infill that is light in color. Many people find that the extra heat doesn’t bother them as long as they keep moving. But, even if these precautions are not exercised, hot weather has not kept people or pets off of synthetic grass.

The average cost is between $2.50 and $4.00 per square foot, installation not included.