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Artificial grass can save you time and money, it’s environmentally friendly, and easy to maintain. With the widest selection of synthetic turf products available, we have something that suits any landscape project! U.S. Artificial Grass products are used across the United States in all types of applications including residential, commercial, sports fields, golf & putting greens, parks, schools, playgrounds, and other recreation areas. Installing artificial turf by yourself is not a very easy task, so don’t stress we are right here to assist you with all of that. 

Artificial Turf Installation Services:

Real grass dies. Artificial grass doesn’t. When you complement your home with a U.S. Artificial Grass installation you are investing in a long term landscape solution. We can certainly install synthetic turf for your front lawns, back yards, side yards, around the pool, on shady areas, and more. Installing low-maintenance artificial turf will add value to your home without having to hire a gardener to maintain your landscape. Artificial grass is safe for children and loved by pets!

Make your business more attractive and add value to your property. Imagine not having to worry about costly landscapers, irrigation issues, and time-consuming maintenance. With U.S. Artificial Grass you can quickly enhance your commercial landscape aesthetic and focus on what really matters. Businesses usually experience a return on investment shortly after commercial artificial grass installation. Eliminating water usage and maintenance costs associated with traditional grass. 

Artificial grass installation for sports increases the use of a converted field by approximately 30% annually. Its durable manufacturing allows as much field use as possible, with no concerns about giving the surface recovery time like you would with natural grass. Our selection of sports turf products offers cost-effective solutions for fields of any size. We specialize in artificial turf installation for indoor and outdoor facilities including football, baseball, softball, lacrosse, soccer, and many other sports fields. 

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